Saturday, March 26, 2016

First Quarter 2016 Review

Remember this?

If I were on schedule a quarter of this would be done, it hasn't happened. Today like many of the last 90 days I want to stay in bed all day, when I do get up I get tired really quick and want to go back to bed. Then when it's time for bed at midnight I fight to stay awake until 3AM-5AM only to get myself out of bed the next day between 10AM-12PM. I do not know why my sleep pattern is so out of whack. Its been like that since the beginning of the year.

In January & February I managed to make and follow monthly goals though very few of them actually got finished. This month there were no monthly goals but I did manage to do a March title pages and a few pieces of art. The March CQ square is unfinished though in all honesty if I just sat down and did it it would be done in a day, ditto the knitting sampler square. Its almost half done so a few hours and it would be finished too.

My get up and go which has been relatively high of late has got up and went. That said I did meet my son's in-laws and celebrated GS#3's 2nd birthday so that is progress of a sort. Rob & I were supposed to visit them for Easter but Rob got an infection in his leg and had to be on intravenous antibiotics for the last few days

So January and February were productive for me but March wasn't. With the return of the sun I'm hoping I will find energy from somewhere and have accomplished more by the mid-year review. 

In between the bouts of pain and depression I have: 
  • gotten some big stuff removed from my apartment
  • cleaned of a couple of shelves of my arts & crafts supplies
  • created a couch of sorts using milk crates, boards and a mattress
  • replaced my coffee maker
  • replaced my vacuum cleaner with a pet friendly one
  • created three title pages
  • did approx. three other art pieces each month
  • altered 2 fashion dolls
  • knit 3 colour squares
  • started 3 crazy quilt squares
  • completed 2 headbands
  • completed one sampler square & started two others
  • started one diorama and planned one other one
  • seen my daughter & family each Sunday
  • spent one grandchild's birthday with them
  • manage to take care of my apartment and myself without help
All in all not a bad accomplishment list for the first quarter.