Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1 2016

Second quarter 2016, one quarter of the year gone. I am not sure why this my 56th year I am so focused on the passing of time. It is as if I am counting down to something but I don't know what.

Actually if I figure the year from my birthday it is half a year since this focus on time began.

I am dealing with the life I have been given, poorly I feel but I am dealing. I have begun to use a white board to write down the things I need to do. You know the everyday stuff like taking out the recycling and laundry. It can take a week or more before I actually do what I need to do but having the reminder there is a start

With the coming of Spring the pain in my knees is lessened enough that I do not need the cane all the time which pleases me no end.

Pixie is a writer I read often both because she has an incredible sense of humour and because she like me is dealing with chronic illness. She is dealing a lot better than I am because she is out there and shares everything that is going on with her and her family. I wish I could deal as well as she does.

Pixie herself would probably say she isn't dealing well given her current situation but we all have periods of denial and screwing up our health plan.

I have done it actually last year I stopped paying attention to the diabetes stuff cause I just didn't want to give up sugar but when you sugar spikes into the 8.5 - 9 range you gotta take care of it. I figured if I took my Metformin like a good little girl it didn't matter what I ate or how often I ate until it did. After the second time my head went all fuzzy and I passed out I figured out it was a sugar spike and started to pay attention to how I was eating again. Or rather what I was eating that caused the dizziness and passing out. I narrowed it down to chocolate and chips oh and the odd maple syrup/sugar sandwich.

Yeah I know. dumb and careless, The other thing I had stopped doing was getting my AC tests done regularly. I know there are more letters than that but it is what I call it cause I can't remember the rest of it. When I went to see my doctor about my knees he was a bit upset with me about that and made me get one done then and there.

He also increased my dosage of Welbutin cause I was in a real deep depression when I went in to see him. In a couple of weeks I gotta go back after the blood test form is complete and see where I am with the diabetes and the depression. I don't feel as if the increase has helped much but I am inside looking out and thus not really in a good position to judge.

I know I have managed to collect a lot of in progress items so my reputation for never finishing anything is still intact.  ...Smile...

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