Thursday, August 25, 2016

Snap Happy - August

For a closer look at the photos go to Pinterest
For my friends at swap-bot a small photo essay

Details: A maple tree in full bloom. I love the repeated leaf shape  

You: Me taken August 25th. This is me after a rough week full of pain and depression

Home: Is inside this newly renovated church. I have a lovely unit with a modern kitchen and a walk in shower

On my Left: In this picture is my laundry, my closet and my tweety table. These all stand to the left of my desk where I took the picture from

I Spy: A goose hidden in this garden. It surprised me since most of the other decorations are like that rusty urn

4PM: In front of my computer preparing boards for two pinterest swaps

Tiny: This salt shaker is tiny beside my pepper shaker that because I use pepper a lot more than salt on my food

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