Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Housekeeping Blues

Woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was dust and debris on the floor.
Walking to the bathroom I checked the toilet bowl and sink.
Yep getting a little dingy in there.
Took a look at my sink with its two weeks of dirty dishes.
I looked around and shook my head.
As a housekeeper I might as well be dead.
Still and all its comfortable you see.
I know what it is supposed to look like.
But for me this is comfortable as can be.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where I Live or Home Sweet Home

If you have been here before you know I live in a converted church. I have a tour for you of my unit. The shelving units are not all shown nor is my closet but it is enough I think to give you an idea of where I live.

Church 1

Church 2
Front door
Hall from door
Bathroom fr door
Shower close in
Kitchen fr bathroom door
Reading Corner
My bed
My computer desk

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 1

Based on the book The Imaginary World of .... by Keri Smith of Wreak This Journal Fame. This is on ongoing series of posts based on prompts in the book.

Create a kind of DATABASE of who are you . The FIRST TASK is answering to the question: What kind of world would you like to inhabit?
A world like the one I grew up in, where everyone knew their neighbours and lent a helping hand whenever they could. Each person caught or grew the majority of their own food and knew how to preserve it for the winter. Where children ran and played but also had jobs to do from the time they learned to walk. Throw in a barter system of some sort and I would be a happy girl.

To answer to this question Keri Smith suggests some prompts: What kind of world would you like to retreat to?
My first impulse to answer this was to claim trees and grass and streams. While that is so I would also like a general store nearby and relatives too. Everything I would need to survive within a mile of where I was. Plus electricity for light and cooking.

List some things that you like and dislike about the current world.
I would like the world to slow down. To put less emphasis on money and more emphasis on being a good neighbour. To spread out so we don't have to live cheek to jowl with our neighbours and we could have our own vegetable patch

List things that you like and dislike from different eras in history. What invokes wonder in you?
Clear skies and clean water, emphasis on helping each other not helping ourselves, emphasis on art as opposed to science, modern medicine but using naturally occurring medications not man-made ones

Write the things you love in each category: books, movies, music, colors, materials and textures, smells, sounds, landscape, climate and weather, time period and eras, places and spaces, animals, artists, clothing, people, objects, toys and plays and entertainment.

Other worlds, different cultures
Dragons,Unicorns, Magic
Humourous,I like puns
Romance-Regency type
Erotica done in good taste
Magic, Supernatural, fantastic, funny, animated

Vintage Rock

Reds, greens, purples & yellows

Wood and stone and
natural clay; cottons,
linens and silk
Smooth or nubby but not prickly
roses, lilacs, green tones, light florals
Music, childrens laughter, a kittens purr

Grass, wildflowers, streams, trees, waterfalls
warm not hot, cool not cold, like spring and autumn in a temperate zone.
rain and lightening and ground fog, sunny days
Times and Eras
Early 1900s without the wars
France, Italy, Greece
open, airy, bright, natural light
Cats, all colours, all sizes
Fuzzy dogs, Wolves
If I had to choose I would choose the surrealists
Loose flowing dresses
tights and tees
Good natured, friendly, kind and honest, loyal would help too.
cops & nurses & teachers
Bells, beds, homes, stickers, christmas anything
trampolines, hula hoops, lego, dolls
Any and all musicals
Netflix, computer games, books, my grandkids
dollar stores, thrift shops, coffee shops

Snap Happy - SEPTEMBER

Swap-bot swap: Snap Happy - SEPTEMBER

3 Things: My Clean Team

S is for Silkience: My shampoo of choice

Chaos: One room, One closet, too much stuff

Water: Local Creek

Reflection- I don't like my face so a
shadow of me instead

Colourful- Walked my the nearby
retirement home and saw these.

Black and White- Testing out the
B&W setting on my phone

Where I stood- This is a rebounder it
is my exercise method of choice, you
stand in the centre and jump :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Big 5: Chocolate Bars that is!

Number 1 for as long as I could remember: Aero
This year they added a strawberry and a  caramel flavour to go along with the regular bar and the mint one

Number 2: Caramilk
Number 3: Mars Bar beginning to see a pattern yet :)
Number 4: Twix

Number 5: Snickers

20 more Questions

When I chose these questions I chose the 20 in the middle. I did not read them, I just chose them so answering some of these was a little difficult as they relate to negative aspects of my life.

What topic do you feel comfortable discussing with your lovers? When I have a lover it is someone I trust deeply so I am OK discussing most topics with them except my children.

What kind of power do you want most? I have all the power I need.

What is the best gift you ever gave to someone? I give good gifts so I'm told but I love giving a gift that the receiver falls in love with, most recently that was a lego truck for a grandson

What is the hardest decision you ever had to make? To call the Children's Aid Society on my oldest child

What is the thing of the highest value you have ever lost? Probably no more than a hundred bucks. I don't like really expensive things.

What is the most painful thing you've ever had to tell a friend? That their husband cheated on them

What is the biggest favor a friend has ever done for you? Give me and my kids a place to stay when I had no where to go

What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a friend? Had sex with their husband

What is the thing a friend has that you would most like to have yourself? I would like to be able to interact with my neighbours easily.

What is the strongest craving you get? Sometimes I just gotta have ice cream

Who was the least attractive person you were attracted to? My current boyfriend

What was your most difficult break up? He broke my heart then hurt my mind and still it was hard to walk away

What's the thing you know most about? I know a little about a lot of things but I guess the main one would be cooking

Who have you been most frustrated by in your life? My eldest child

What is the best thing you've ever put in your mouth first thing in the morning? MmMM Coffee

What was the most difficult choice you were ever forced to make? Rather or not to keep a child when I was a teenager. I did btw

What is the single nastiest thing you've ever done to someone? Walked away from them while they were talking to me cause all their words were only excuses not to do something

What is the cruelest thing you've ever suffered? Mental abuse

What is the best thing you've ever tasted? Creme Brule

What thing about your family are you least proud of? That child abuse runs rampant in it, all three kinds.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

100 Questions

1) What is your swap bot id? Wild Child
2) What swap is this for? To answer 100 question so people can get to know us better
3) How many children do you have and list their ages? I have 2 they are 38 & 37
4) Are you married? Not any more
5) Are you a Christian? Not any more
6) Do you like spinach? Yes
7) What church do you attend? No
8) What is your favorite color? Red
9) What is your favorite bible verse? The Lords Prayer
10) Did you graduate from High School? Yes
11) Did you attend College? For about 2 months
12) How old are you? I was born in 1960 you do the math :) A lady never tells nor do I
13) What store is your favorite to shop in? Toss up between Dollarama and Michaels
14) What time is it where you are? It is currently 6:09 PM
15) What is today's date? September 17th but I don't intend to answer all of these in one sitting so that will change
16) What color shirt are you wearing? Not wearing one... I'm wearing a nightgown and it is purple, pink and white
17) What color pants are you wearing? Not wearing any
18) What color socks are you wearing? Not wearing any
19) What color shoes are you wearing? Not wearing any
20) What is your favorite kind of candy? Caramels
21) What is your favorite snack food? Potato Chips
22) What is your favorite carry out restaurant? Don't have one
23) What were you doing before you started filling out these questions? Working on another e-swap
24) What color eyes do you have? brown
25) What color hair do you have? salt and pepper
26) What is your least favorite color? brown
27) What is your least favorite food? parsnips
28) How much is regular unleaded gas where you live? No idea I don't drive
29) What kind of car/truck do you drive? I don't drive and I don't have a license
30) How far do you have to drive to get a gallon of milk? I have to walk maybe 1000 yards from my front door
31) Do you smoke? No
32) What is your favorite drink? Coke Zero
33) Favorite tv show? I do not have a favorite title only a genre mainly I like supernatural shows
34) Favorite movie? I don't have one but I like a strong female lead
35) Do you like to eat fish? Yes though I like shrimp better than most fish except maybe salmon
36) Have you ever been on an airplane? No never it is on my bucket list
37) What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
38) Do you like to read? Yes
39) In school what was your favorite subject? English
40) In school what was your least favorite subject? History
41) Who was your all time favorite teacher? Mr Buchanan Grade 9 English teacher
42) Who was the worst teacher you ever had? Ms Vuokovic she was the female gym teacher at my high school
43) Did you ever pretend to be sick and stay home from school? Once or twice
44) What was the last thing you ate? A chicken leg quarter baked in the oven
45) Have you ever ate a lobster? Did you like it? I have tried lobster but I don't like it much its a lot of work for very little food
46) What makes you who you are today? Generally chronic illness 
47) What did you do or see today that made you laugh? A video of a little boy dancing to Jailhouse Rock
48) What did you do or see today that made you sad? The state of my refrigerator
49) Were/are you and your mom close? We were not close 
50) Do you have any brothers or sisters? Two of each
51)Do you like to write stories? Yes and no I like to write but I'm not good at the creative writing stuff
52) What is your favorite flower? I love lilacs
53) Have you ever been in a wreck? Yes
54) Have you ever got a speeding ticket? No
55) Do you wear a seat belt? Yes
56) What's your favorite smell? Timeless by Avon
57) Do you have any dogs? No
58) Do you have any cats? No
59) Do you have any pet snakes? No
60) Do you like cake or pie the best? Hmmm I have to say cake though it depends on the kind of pie I'm being offered
61) What kind of cheese is your favorite? Marble
62) Would you rather cook or eat out? I like cooking and much prefer it to eating out
63) What do you like on your hamburger? Everything
64) What do you like on your hot dog? Catsup and Mustard sometimes cheese
65) Do you like yogurt? Yes 
66) What was your favorite child hood toy? I don't remember
67) Pepsi or coke? Coke specifically Coke Zero
68) Pen or Pencil? Pen
69) Lined or unlined paper? Lined else I can't write in a straight line
70) Do you have a nickname if so what is it? I have three- Charlie from my mom, Gypsy Rose from my first husband and Cher from my friends
71) Have you ever been to Georgia? No
72) Have you ever been outside your home country? Not really unless you count a day trip for a conference in New York and that was only once
73) Do you drink alcohol? Depends on the day.
74) What are you afraid of? I  am most afraid of being a friend to someone who only keeps me around for their entertainment
75) Long hair or short hair ? Depends on the season but I think short to medium length hair
76) Where were you in 1983? I was 23 and living in Mississauga with my kids
77) Have you ever rode on a train? Yes I took one out to Alberta and back again
78) What is your favorite charity? Anything to do with helping children and abused women
79) Has the house you ever lived caught on fire? Not while I was in it No but it has happened.
80) What was the last thing you got mad about? My daughters seeming inability to control her boys violent behaviour
81) What is your favorite website other than swap bot? I have more than one but I would have to say it is the Ontario Library Reserve - Its connected to my local library and has tons of books to read
82) What is your favorite quote? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
83) You prefer going to the beach or the mountains? Tough choice because I like parts of both places but I guess it would have to be the beach.
84) Are you a morning person? Not really my day starts around 11 AM
85) What time do you usually go to bed? Depends on rather I'm reading a good book or not but ussually no earlier than midnight and no later than 4 am
86) Have you ever had surgery? Got my tonsils out and got my tubes tied that's about it
87) What is your favorite song? Too many to name
88) What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Read
89) How old were you when you found out that Santa Clause wasnt no one but your parents? Don't remember
90) What is your favorite sport? Don't have one though I like bowling
91) Who do you miss right now? My grandkids all seven of them
92) Who was your first love? Robert (Buff) Hunt and I was six
93) How tall are you? Just a smidge over 5 feet
94) Where do you work? I don't I am disabled
95) Where would you love to go on vacation if money was no option? Easy peasy Europe with emphasis on the romantic countries
96) Do you like family reunions? Haven't been to one in awhile but I used to enjoy them
97) Describe your mom. Emotionally distant, go getter
98) Describe your dad. Spirited
99) How many months until your birthday? Less than one
100) When was your last date with your husband? Just about a week ago.

Favourite Songs Playlist Swap

I have a confession to make... As I made this list I realized that I have found very few songs I have liked since 1980's and my real favorites are mainly from the 1960's. I hope you like Nostalgia.

Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy

Harper Valley PTA by Jeannie C. Riley

The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Hot Child In The City by Nick Gilder

Its a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music Soundtrack (I love this movie)

Play Ground in My Mind by Clint Holmes

R E S P E C T by Aretha Franklin

These Boots were made for Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra

Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield

I  Heard it Through the Grapevine by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bridge Over Troubles Waters by Simon and Garfunkel

The Rose by Bette Middler

Isn't it Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morissette

A few more than 10 and I could add more here but I decided to take a small shortcut. If you want to see the whole list check out my playlist on Youtube

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gratitude List: Gratitude Changes Everything!

Swap-bot swap: Gratitude List
I swap with Swap-bot!

Sometimes gratitude is hard to come by as I age but then I remember a few things;

      ALL of my faculties are still in working order. My mind might get fuzzy but it still works
I may need glasses to read but I can still see a sunset in all it's glory
Noise may screw with my hearing but I can still hear a bird sing and hear children's laughter
My teeth may be going but I still have most of them.
My hands might shake sometimes but I can still write and knit with them
My arms may ache on cold days but they can still give hugs
I may need a cane for walking but I can still walk a decent distance
The plumbing is erratic but I don't need a machine to help it work

When I sleep I sleep for hours but each time I wake up I say thank you for a few more hours
 I may live alone but I am not alone I have a family and I have friends
My daughter w her family

My son w his family


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Swap-bot: Show me your Mailbox!

Swap-bot swap: Show me your mailboxHello Everyone!
I honestly think the post office I visit every week to leave my swaps is very beautiful and recently I got curious about other people's and other countries' mailboxes.
  • So for this swap you have to send at least 3 photos of your mailbox/mailman/post office/counter/etc, photos of the place where you leave/receive your swaps . Anything Post office/service related from your country.
  • And tell your partner how it works, do you leave it somewhere and the mailman picks it up, do you drop it at the post office, there a special day of week to do so, etc Anything you can share about your experience in mailing things.
Hi Corazon & Sneakypeek

This is my blog and this entry is specifically for you! To begin with I live in Canada, Ontario to be specific and we have decentralized our postal service. I have a number of different options when it come to sending and receiving mail.

Once I have finished whatever it is I have completed I need to get a stamp for it. Stamps for province, country and international destinations cost different amounts depending on rather it is a letter or a parcel, how big it is and how much it weights. The price also changes if there is only paper or if there are other items in the envelope. Which is why I like letter swaps best.

If I have stamps at home I can just add them to the envelope then drop them into a red box. The mail truck will empty the box and get the letter on the way.

The mail person picks up the mail (s)he is to deliver to our homes from a grey box which is usually near one of the red ones. As you can see they are often tagged I guess people just don't like plain gray and white.

If I am sending a package or I am not sure how much postage to put on an item I will take it to a post office.

I usually take mine to the drug store, (Shoppers Drug Mart), where I get my prescriptions filled so I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. In Ontario a lot of Shoppers Drug Marts have post offices in them back by the pharmacy area. I say back in the pharmacy area because Shoppers as we call it is actually a place to pick up basics like toilet paper and gift cards as well as several other things all in one place.
This is only a small part of the area behind the counter. You will also find post office boxes here and a fax machine. In the back behind that wall is a sorting and storage area. When a package is too large for a mail box and it has been sent through Canada or US postal services the item will be held here until the owner comes to pick it up. The mail person will drop a notice in the recipients mailbox to tell them that a package is waiting for them at their nearest postal outlet. This one happens to be mine so if someone sends me a package I will need to come here to pick it up.

Lastly but hardly the least is the mailbox I get my mail in when it isn't a package. It is just inside the doors of my building. As you can see below it is one of a dozen others which are how many units their are in my wing. To the right is my personal mailbox. I live in unit K6

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through my local postal system

I am Cheryl AKA Wildchild

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to School: First Day

Facebook is buzzing today with my grandchildren and my nieces return to school. My niece started her first year of college and her first year away from home.

My GD#1 begins her Victory lap and GD#2 enters grade 10. Of the young ones GD#3 enters Junior Kindergarten, GS#2 goes to Grade one and GS#1 enters grade 3. There are still two at home but it always stuns me how quickly time goes by.

So quickly, and I feel old as I think of how quickly GS#3 and GD#4 will be able to go as well.

I wonder if I should think about getting some education of my own. I am a firm believer in  learning something new every day plus I am curious as a cat so I am always gathering new information. This year I am looking to learn about wine and 9 pocket letters. Oh yeah and Fairy Gardens.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sept 5th 2016

It has begun ! It is 1 month and 2 days before my 56th birthday and I have already begun the yearly task of evaluating how far I have come in the last year and where I want my life to go in the next year.

Though it appears this is the first time in a number of that I have done it here. It is a thing I do every year near my birthday.

Breakfast - 1 medium banana and 4 Jackass Corn Biscuits, coffee and lemon water

Listening to the fourth book in the Women's Murder Club series

Did 100 jumps on the rebounder and dry brushed my body before I took my medication for the morning

I keep getting side-tracked maybe I need to find the side-tracked sisters and start from scratch with the getting organized.

I have three swaps to finish before the end of the month as of today.

I am still working on my Day Zero list. I had hoped to have it done by now but it is harder this time because I am trying to be realistic. I want this one to be something I can finish.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Morning Papers (again)

I came here this morning to type a morning page entry because while not a bad pain day it definitely is a high pain day as I have a general ache from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and typing requires less movement

Then as I was about to get started I realized that I was missing a few blogs. I have two gmail ID's half my blogs belong to this one and half of them belong to the other one. Since I can add authors to the blogs I decided to do that instead of the writing I had planned on.

I have been thinking about beginning the 101 in 1001 Challenge again. To do that I need to redo the list which I will do today.