Sunday, October 16, 2016

Helena8664's Ultimate Halloween Survey (Round 2)

Have you ever been to a Halloween party that you didn’t remember afterward? Yes
What is your favorite costume you've ever seen? ElviraThe Mistress of the Dark 
What is your favorite couples costume? Never used one but I think I like the Addams Family one 
Ever worn a home-made costume? Every year until adulthood
What was the sluttiest costume you have worn? I wore a French Maid costume once
What are you going to go as this year? I am not dressing up this year
Have you ever done a Halloween prank? Not that I remember
What was your craziest prank? See above
Have you ever done anything on Halloween that you regret? Yes
What was it? Ate too much candy before I got home
Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
Have you ever seen one? Seen no sensed several times. I have one that attached itself to me a long time ago
Would you date a Vampire? Sure at least once to be able to say I have
Would you date a guy that looked like Frankenstein if he was really rich? Sure and even if he weren't he had a poets soul
Does one of your ex's remind you of Frankenstein? No
Would you spend the night in a haunted house on Halloween for 100 dollars? Sure
How about 10,000 dollars? Of Course
What is your favorite scary movie? funny scary- Hocus Pocus scary scary- Night of the Living Dead the original
What is your favorite thing about Halloween? That I can commune with my ancestors
If a boy/girl was to give you a Halloween gift, what would you want? A giant Spider or the Lemax Halloween Village 

What is your favorite type of candy? Generally or just for Halloween, generally it is caramels for Halloween it is Sugar Daddy 
How old were you when you stopped trick or treating? My last outing as a child was when I was 13. After my children were born I went out with then until I was about 30
What was your most embarrassing costume? I do not remember being embarrased by a costume
Who would you rather hang out with on Halloween, a really hot guy/girl or your bffs? My Bff's
Would you rather go to a party as a bride, a chicken, an astronaut, a sailor or a playboy bunny? In my younger days a Playboy bunny these days a sailor
If you had to be stuck in a horror movie, which would you choose? Easy Rocky Horror Picture Show
If you had to be the bad guy in a horror movie, which would you choose? Dracula
Would you rather carve a pumpkin or eat pumpkin pie? Eat Pumpkin Pie
Do you like candy corn? No
What is the craziest thing you plan to do this Halloween? I have no plans for this Halloween
Are you the one who goes out and party or are you the one that stays home and gives out candy? I was always the one who stayed home
Hot costume or scary costume? Hot Costume
Hot date or fun date? Fun Date
Black rose or plastic skull? Black Rose
Bats or Broomsticks? Broomsticks
Vampires or Zombies? Vampires
Murderers or Ghosts? Ghosts
Pass out or freaked out? Freaked Out
Squeeze a hand or hide behind a pillow? Squeeze a hand
Left alone in a field or left alone in a old house? Left Alone in an Old House
Stranger in an alley or stalker? Stranger in an Alley
Are you excited about this halloween or do you not care? This year I do not Care

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