Thursday, September 15, 2016

Swap-bot: Show me your Mailbox!

Swap-bot swap: Show me your mailboxHello Everyone!
I honestly think the post office I visit every week to leave my swaps is very beautiful and recently I got curious about other people's and other countries' mailboxes.
  • So for this swap you have to send at least 3 photos of your mailbox/mailman/post office/counter/etc, photos of the place where you leave/receive your swaps . Anything Post office/service related from your country.
  • And tell your partner how it works, do you leave it somewhere and the mailman picks it up, do you drop it at the post office, there a special day of week to do so, etc Anything you can share about your experience in mailing things.
Hi Corazon & Sneakypeek

This is my blog and this entry is specifically for you! To begin with I live in Canada, Ontario to be specific and we have decentralized our postal service. I have a number of different options when it come to sending and receiving mail.

Once I have finished whatever it is I have completed I need to get a stamp for it. Stamps for province, country and international destinations cost different amounts depending on rather it is a letter or a parcel, how big it is and how much it weights. The price also changes if there is only paper or if there are other items in the envelope. Which is why I like letter swaps best.

If I have stamps at home I can just add them to the envelope then drop them into a red box. The mail truck will empty the box and get the letter on the way.

The mail person picks up the mail (s)he is to deliver to our homes from a grey box which is usually near one of the red ones. As you can see they are often tagged I guess people just don't like plain gray and white.

If I am sending a package or I am not sure how much postage to put on an item I will take it to a post office.

I usually take mine to the drug store, (Shoppers Drug Mart), where I get my prescriptions filled so I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. In Ontario a lot of Shoppers Drug Marts have post offices in them back by the pharmacy area. I say back in the pharmacy area because Shoppers as we call it is actually a place to pick up basics like toilet paper and gift cards as well as several other things all in one place.
This is only a small part of the area behind the counter. You will also find post office boxes here and a fax machine. In the back behind that wall is a sorting and storage area. When a package is too large for a mail box and it has been sent through Canada or US postal services the item will be held here until the owner comes to pick it up. The mail person will drop a notice in the recipients mailbox to tell them that a package is waiting for them at their nearest postal outlet. This one happens to be mine so if someone sends me a package I will need to come here to pick it up.

Lastly but hardly the least is the mailbox I get my mail in when it isn't a package. It is just inside the doors of my building. As you can see below it is one of a dozen others which are how many units their are in my wing. To the right is my personal mailbox. I live in unit K6

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through my local postal system

I am Cheryl AKA Wildchild

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