Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 1

Based on the book The Imaginary World of .... by Keri Smith of Wreak This Journal Fame. This is on ongoing series of posts based on prompts in the book.

Create a kind of DATABASE of who are you . The FIRST TASK is answering to the question: What kind of world would you like to inhabit?
A world like the one I grew up in, where everyone knew their neighbours and lent a helping hand whenever they could. Each person caught or grew the majority of their own food and knew how to preserve it for the winter. Where children ran and played but also had jobs to do from the time they learned to walk. Throw in a barter system of some sort and I would be a happy girl.

To answer to this question Keri Smith suggests some prompts: What kind of world would you like to retreat to?
My first impulse to answer this was to claim trees and grass and streams. While that is so I would also like a general store nearby and relatives too. Everything I would need to survive within a mile of where I was. Plus electricity for light and cooking.

List some things that you like and dislike about the current world.
I would like the world to slow down. To put less emphasis on money and more emphasis on being a good neighbour. To spread out so we don't have to live cheek to jowl with our neighbours and we could have our own vegetable patch

List things that you like and dislike from different eras in history. What invokes wonder in you?
Clear skies and clean water, emphasis on helping each other not helping ourselves, emphasis on art as opposed to science, modern medicine but using naturally occurring medications not man-made ones

Write the things you love in each category: books, movies, music, colors, materials and textures, smells, sounds, landscape, climate and weather, time period and eras, places and spaces, animals, artists, clothing, people, objects, toys and plays and entertainment.

Other worlds, different cultures
Dragons,Unicorns, Magic
Humourous,I like puns
Romance-Regency type
Erotica done in good taste
Magic, Supernatural, fantastic, funny, animated

Vintage Rock

Reds, greens, purples & yellows

Wood and stone and
natural clay; cottons,
linens and silk
Smooth or nubby but not prickly
roses, lilacs, green tones, light florals
Music, childrens laughter, a kittens purr

Grass, wildflowers, streams, trees, waterfalls
warm not hot, cool not cold, like spring and autumn in a temperate zone.
rain and lightening and ground fog, sunny days
Times and Eras
Early 1900s without the wars
France, Italy, Greece
open, airy, bright, natural light
Cats, all colours, all sizes
Fuzzy dogs, Wolves
If I had to choose I would choose the surrealists
Loose flowing dresses
tights and tees
Good natured, friendly, kind and honest, loyal would help too.
cops & nurses & teachers
Bells, beds, homes, stickers, christmas anything
trampolines, hula hoops, lego, dolls
Any and all musicals
Netflix, computer games, books, my grandkids
dollar stores, thrift shops, coffee shops

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