Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where I Live or Home Sweet Home

If you have been here before you know I live in a converted church. I have a tour for you of my unit. The shelving units are not all shown nor is my closet but it is enough I think to give you an idea of where I live.

Church 1

Church 2
Front door
Hall from door
Bathroom fr door
Shower close in
Kitchen fr bathroom door
Reading Corner
My bed
My computer desk


  1. I love seeing this post. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I would love to do something like this one day, but right now I am unable to. Enjoy living there and thanks for sharing! Peanutsmommy7 with Swap-bot September Blog Hop

    1. I saw it then I forgot it! Thank you I think its pretty cool myself :)

  2. What an amazing space! I'm in awe of how well every nook appears to have been used. I love 'repurposed' buildings so this was a great post to view. Thanks very much! - Ang (angel1985 on SwapBot)