Monday, October 31, 2016

50 Questions - email swap

  1. 1.     Describe your perfect day: Cool, sunshiny Autumn day spent with friends and family at the zoo for a picnic then home with my love relaxing and talking in front of the fireplace and cuddling until bedtime then resting my head on some lavender scented pillows.
  2. 2.     What would be the first thing you bought if you won the lottery? The very first thing I would buy is an RV decked out with the latest toys.
  3. 3.     What's something on your TO DO list that never gets done? Dishes and it's not never but sometimes as ling as four weeks before I clean all the dishes in the sink, the rest of the time I just rinse and re-use
  4. 4.     Do you binge watch any TV shows? Which ones? YES!, Supernatural, Once upon a time, The game of Thrones several others for a partial list check out today's 13 Days Of Halloween Post
  5. 5.     What is your favorite kind of sandwich? Peanut butter and brown sugar
  6. 6.     What do you most appreciate in life? That I am still able to do things like cooking.
  7. 7.     If you could be a celebrity for the day who would you pick? MMMM Cher I think
  8. 8.     What was your favorite toy when you were young? I do not remember toys, I do remember being in love with reading do books count as toys.
  9. 9.     What is your favorite holiday? I think it was and will always be Christmas, something about giving gifts just appeals to me.
  10. 10.  If your life was a novel what would the title be? A Life Not Lived
  11. 11.  Do you have any strange or unique phobias?  If so, what are they? Not that I'm aware of just snakes and high places
  12. 12.  What were some nicknames you had growing up? Charlie, Little Iodine
  13. 13.  What is something that you absolutely love about yourself? I am most proud of the fact that I can take the barest cupboard and manage to make something to eat.
  14. 14.  What lifts your spirits after a long, crappy day? Something that will bring laughter or at least a smile, a funny picture, a comedy movie, a pun (yes I said a pun I love these plays on words, not good at them myself but I love them still)
  15. 15.  What do you wish you did more of? Socialize but I am just too shy to knock on someones door just to say hi or to spend time with people I would like to get to know but haven't yet.
  16. 16.  If you could have a superpower what would it be? I'd be a McGiver, able to take what ever is around me and magic it into being exactly what I need at that instant in time.
  17. 17.  What's your favorite quote? Little by little you reach your goal or let it slip away
  18. 18.  Do you have a stop-phrase? (word or sentence you often say/ use) Breathe it is useful in all kinds of situations and works like a charm to calm someone down who know what you mean. Basically it reminds them to belly breathe as my grandsons say.
  19. 19.  What is your favorite smell? Lilacs in bloom
  20. 20.  What is a goal you would like to set for yourself? To be more consistent in my weight loss program
  21. 21.  What is your favorite thing about yourself? I am a pretty good listener
  22. 22.  Do you have any creative outlets? If so, what do you enjoy? Yes, mostly I knit but I also sew and draw
  23. 23.  What is a creepy story or legend you were told as a child that still gets to you today? None, I was taught that all things even scary things are normal parts of life and that the best course is to face it and deal with it. Once it's dealt with it loses its power to scare you.
  24. 24.  Since we're in October, what is the creepiest dream (nightmare) you've ever had? I dream a lot about a big house full of locked rooms and something is chasing me. It means there is an issue I need to deal with.
  25. 25.  What's your favorite color? Well I am using fushia to write my answers :) and I love reds, all of them.
  26. 26.  What is your favorite thing to bake/cook? I don't really have a favorite but when I'm at a loss as to what I want to eat I usually make a vegetable omelet.
  27. 27.  Where is the most beautiful place you've been too? A mountain lake in BC
  28. 28.  Which do you prefer: Toilet paper roll begins on top or bottom? Top makes it easier to find in the dark
  29. 29.  What is the very first thing you do in the morning - other than brush teeth, shower, eat, etc.? Take my Meds :) not really the first thing I do most mornings is turn on my computer and deal with my swap-bot mail.
  30. 30.  If you could somehow turn into an animal on will, which animal would you choose and why? I think I would like to be a panther, they are super hunters and they can climb trees.
  31. 31.  What is your favorite childhood memory? My favorite memory is trying to catch pickerel with my hands during the local spring run
  32. 32.  Who is your celebrity look-alike? No idea though given a choice Cher or Bea Arthur
  33. 33.  If you could time travel to any point in history, where would you go and why? Back to when magic was real so around the 14th century
  34. 34.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? With any luck right where I am now sans about 100 lbs
  35. 35.  What is your least favorite thing to do? Generally- Housework Specifically- Dishes
  36. 36.  Do you have any pets? If yes what are their type & names? If no do you want pets and why? I do not have any pets currently because the landlord does not allow them but if I could I would have either a Tuxedo cat or a black one. I love cats because they are mainly independent but they sleep with you and petting one is relaxing
  37. 37.  What do you do to help set goals/motivate yourself? This... join swaps or otherwise make my goals public because making it publically is like making a promise to someone and I really don't like breaking promises
  38. 38.  What kind of car do you drive - If you don't have a car what kind do you want? I don't drive, never have and never will but I would like a first edition mustang if I could get it just to say I own one
  39. 39.  What type of food is served at your favorite restaurant? Seafood, my favourite restaurant is Red Lobster.
  40. 40.  Did you ever have a paranormal experience? I spend a good part of my life getting premonitions does that count? Direct contact with a spirit, once or twice
  41. 41.  Since Halloween is soon, what foods would you serve your guests at your Halloween party and how would you entertain them? There are lots of Halloween specific foods on Pinterest and lots of ideas for parties so I would just go there and find a few easy things to make and do and that would be my party.
  42. 42.  What is one thing that you do/did that made you proud? I joined Toastmasters to learn how to speak in public on the day of my first speech I was awarded the Trophy for the best speech of the night. I was so proud of myself!
  43. 43.  What is one thing that you did that made you regret? Dropping out of college, it was the dumbest thing I ever did cause if I had stayed I would have been one of the first programmers, I might even have been the one to invent Windows
  44. 44.  Are you happy with where you are in life currently? Pretty much, it is simple and quiet and I am free to be myself. I spent a lot of years being the person everyone else needed.
  45. 45.  Did you have a good week/weekend? It was OK, I got caught up on a lot of swaps, watched some interesting movies and finished a good book.
  46. 46.  Describe something funny or awesome that you experienced or witnessed. I saw the funniest cutest thing yesterday. A black squirrel had somehow gotten hold of a candy bar of some sort. It was nearly as big as him. He dragged it to the top of a stop sign and dropped it, when he had picked it up he actually carried up a hydro poll in his mouth. Since the bar was about half his size it was very funny. Put a smile on my face that lasted all day.
  47. 47.  What was your favorite meal you had this past seven days? What made it so special? Macaroni with canned tomatoes. It is my favourite comfort food
  48. 48.  What are the top ten items in your purse or bag that is a must have when you leave your home? I'm not sure if I have 10 lets see: my bank card, my bus pass, at least three kleenex or other paper product for blowing my nose on, a bottle of water, two net bags to hold my purchases, my keys, a list of where I'm going and what I need to do there, a notebook, a pen, my glasses and lastly my tablet. So I guess I do have 10.
  49. 49.  Do you trust others easily? No I don't and I really wish I could
  50. 50.  Do you think that you are strong? I have been told that I am but I am not so sure
  51. 51.  Say one nice thing about your partner in this swap. One for each of you: 
    Gwenerific: I love your name, Guinevere was one of my favourite heroines.
    Texasangel: I love your profile page I wish I could incorporate images like that.
    Jenicat: Another cat lover yay, also very thorough profile
  1. 52.  What are your top three all time favorite songs? Delta Dawn; Joy to the World, Do the Time Warp
  2. 53.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Paris, France though I think I would do better living in London and commuting to Paris cause at least I can speak English
  3. 54.  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Introvert

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 13 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope if you are giving a party or attending one that you are smart and careful and have lots of fun. Me... as my readers know I seldom leave my home and tonight is no exception. No party and sadly no Trick or Treaters either as I live in a multi-unit building.

Movies For Tonight
Actually no movies, tonight I will be catching up on some of my Netflix series.

Once Upon A Time
Black Mirror
Walking Dead

Among others that are on my list. Depends when I start watching. :)

On the 13th Day of Halloween


Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 3

The THIRD TASK is part of the DATABASE we are collecting, before starting with the creation of a new brand world.
For the THIRD TASK collect materials and textures you love.

Textures of all sorts! I love all textures even prickly ones.

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 12

Oh My Gosh Only one more sleep until it is Halloween!

Movies For Tonight
Cat's Eye
Dead End Drive-In
Pumpkinhead III Ashes to Ashes

On the 12th day of Halloween
12 bats flew across the moon

Saturday, October 29, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 11

Dig it just a couple of more days until Halloween. I have had so much fun putting these posts together that I may even do it again next year. :)

Movies For Tonight

Sleepy Hollow
Grave Encounters
I love Netflix its worth the $14 a month we pay

On the 11th Day of Halloween
11 Witches flew in!

Friday, October 28, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 10

My Goodness! Day 10 already that means there are only 3 more sleeps to Halloween

Movies I am Watching Tonight

Pumpkinhead 2
The Wolfman
Corpse Bride

and if I have time 
Dead-End Drive-In

On the 10th Day Of Halloween
10 Monsters Came to Paarrtay!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 9

Movies For Tonight
Dusk Til Dawn
Once Upon A Time
Black Mirror

Watching my TV series tonight

On The 9th Day Of Halloween

9 Zombies came for tea

Youtube - What I've watched #2

Joe Santago's Idiots of the Internet 1-10
Joe Santagato funniest Moments 1- 2

Joe Santago does some very funny rants! I liked the first video so much that I watched 12 others in the space of 2 hours

The Disneyland Haunted House Theme song
Grim Grinning Ghosts

The second is part of the first. I listened to them while building a Disney Halloween Playlist on Youtube. I am not sure why this one stuck with me but it still sounds in my head every so often. I also made just a plain Halloween Playlist featuring some modern artist including Michael Jackson's Thriller

Project Planning Heaven
An online resource for project planning which I need to help me get more organized

Plan With Me October 2016

I am new to the artistic planners and watched these and several others to see how people do them.

My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic
How do you define yourself? | Lizzie Velasquez | TEDxAustinWomen
The prison of your mind | Sean Stephenson | TEDxIronwoodStatePrison

I was feeling sorry for myself one day and I saw the Sam Bern speech so I listened to it, and because I liked what he had to say I listened to the other two. By the time I listened to all three I was feeling better than I had been. I am thinking about making a playlist of these and other motivational speakers for the grey days ahead.

I think that is way more than 15 but since you have to find some of the links yourself maybe it doesn't count as 15 but as 11. If you think I should add four more let me know and I will.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 8

Movies For Tonight

Corpse Bride
Pumpkinhead 2 - Blood Wings
Angels & Demons

On the 8th Day of Halloween

8 cats sang to me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 7

Movies For Tonight

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Bates Hotel (the new one)
Ghost Dad
Only a few tonight

On the 7th Day of Halloween
I went to visit some old friends

Snap Happy-October

MISMATCHED - contradicting, odd, a clashing pair?  Snow and green grass and autumn trees all in one image definitely a mismatch

Taken behind a Community Centre with a rink

TREAT - a stolen moment somewhere pretty? An indulgent snack or even a purchase. 

Home-made Chicken soup

SOMETHING ORANGE - Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you decorating? Seek out something orange

Waiting to be carved

SOMETHING BLACK - let something black catch your eye and snap it!
I like Spiders and wanted to take a couple of these guys home

SOMETHING PURPLE - find something purple and let it be the focal point in this picture.

This big mother is what caught my eye first

EVENING - how do you spend yours? What does it look like? 

Watching movies

Working on swaps

LIGHT - can you catch the sun Setting? A candle flickering? Something ablaze?

All lit up after being carved

Monday, October 24, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 6

Movies For Tonight
Honestly? what ever comes to hand probably starting with the ones I didn't watch yesterday. Its embarrassing really but I was just too tired to actually do much of anything last night. I am hopeful tonight is better but I'm not counting on it as I had blood taken today and that always makes me so tired.

On the 6th day of Halloween
Trick or Treaters came early

Would You Rather #1

Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great grandchildren?
This is a difficult choice to make. On the one hand there are a couple of ancestors I would like to know more about like the negro one and the red indian one but I would also love to see what the future holds for my family especially to see the children of the children of my two oldest grand-daughters. They were raised very differently and it would be cool to see how far that divide extends into the future.

I suppose if I must choose I would choose to meet my ancestors as I am sure they have interesting stories to tell.

Would you rather have more time or more money?
Another difficult choice for me. At this point in my life time drags so I would prefer more money so I can do more fun stuff like travel

Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life?
Definitely a rewind button, there are so many things I would change about the person I was if I could but go back to when it all began and change my attitude at some points and refresh my memory at others.

Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?
Talk to the animals! They may have simple minds and that in itself could be refreshing but mainly I just want to know how cats think :)

Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?
Difficult hmm could I win the lottery and then double my life? LOL No probably not. Hmm maybe I could win the lottery and then invest in a top level fitness program for myself. Ok so my answer is win the lottery because from there many things become possible.

Would you feel worse if no one showed up to your wedding or to your funeral?
My funeral because that would mean I left no presence or good impressions in my life and that is sad. And since I have children and grandchildren the least they could do is show up to wish me good-bye and good travels 

Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone?
This one is really easy I can live without the internet for a week I have done so but I could not live without my phone because if I get hurt or lost or in some kind of trouble I need to let certain people know including 911

Would you rather meet George Washington, or the current President?
I would love to meet Obama! He has a big following even here in Canada and I've heard him speak he is hilarious. And his presidency is historically significant, he shows how far the US has come since the days of George Washington

Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?
Neither? :) OK OK Uhm my hearing because I can live without hearing my grandchildren but I could not live not seeing them.

Would you rather work more hours per day, but fewer days or work fewer hours per day, but more days?
4 hours a day seven days a week sounds good to me. Fewer hours more days as long as it was a significant decrease in the hours 

Would you rather listen to music from the 70’s or music from today?
Music from the 70's I am not fond of most of the music of today. The words go to fast to get any real meaning or feeling from the modern ones

Would you rather become someone else or just stay you?
There are things I would change about me but would they make me a different person. Yes for one thing I'd be able to socialize better and the depression though not gone will at least have had a less debilitating affect on me

Would you rather be Batman or Spiderman?
Batman he has a big house and all kinds of toys

Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or in a broken elevator?
A broken ski lift because you can get yourself out of one of those fairly easily not so much a broken elevator

For your birthday, would you rather receive cash or gifts?
Depends on how much cash... I'd rather get a gift because that means the person has put some thought and effort into it. Cash is easy and appropriate for young ones starting out, me, I want crafting stuff or gift cards to places like Michaels and Valu Village

Sunday, October 23, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 5

Movies For Today

Scooby Doo, Franken Creepy (cause I didn't get to it last night)
Goosebumps Season 1 Episode 2
Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 20
Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 1
Supernatural Season 11 Episode 2
Ghostbusters 1

On the 5th Day of Halloween
Five Spooky Trees Tap, Tap, Tapped on my Window Pane
Halloween Playlist 2- Disney Halloween

  1. Heffalumps and Woozles
  2. They Don't Scare Me 
  3. This is Halloween
  4. Jack's Lament
  5. Grim, Grinning Ghosts
  6. Oogie Boogie's Song
  7. Monster Mash
  8. Poor Unfortunate Souls
  9. I Put A Spell On You
  10. 999 Happy Haunts
  11. You're Only Second Rate
  12. Friends On The Other Side
  13. I Wanna Scare Myself
  14. Be Prepared

Saturday, October 22, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 4

Movies for tonight

Halloweentown High
I, Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein
Scooby Doo, Franken Creepy

On the 4th Day of Halloween
Four Jacks sang to me

I have been considering adding a Halloween playlist here but am not completely sure I want to as it means I would want to provide links for the songs to you and sometimes finding the songs can take a lot of work. As a test here is a very short one.

  1. Monster Mash
  2. 3 A.M.
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Back In Black
  5. Monster
  6. Psycho Killer
  7. Runnin' With The Devil
  8. Freakshow
  9. Crazy Train
  10. Thriller

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 3

Movies for Tonight

Return to Halloween Town
Halloween Town II
R.L. Steins Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls

11 Days Before Halloween
Three Merry Ghosts Came To Play

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 2

Movies for Tonight

Hocus Pocus
Hotel Transylvania
R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls

On the second day of Halloween two spiders came to play
Mini Doughnut Spiders

13 Days of Halloween Countdown- Day 1

Movies for Tonight

The Nightmare before Christmas

Coraline: Two Sides of a Coin
Do not watch this last one with the kids, its for adults only!
Never seen it before but hey: Hell and Back

On the first day of Halloween a witch danced beneath a full moon

Monday, October 17, 2016

What is a Spider Queen?

A costume I created though I have no pictures of me in it. I have tried to recreate it on pinterest but my mind is a bit fuzzy. It consisted of a black dress I had  and a ring bracelet set that was made to look like a spider connected to a web. As well I stuck four pipe cleaners to the dress to be the other 4 of the spiders eight legs. If I were to do it now I would do it differently.

Begin with a pleather jumpsuit and knee high boots, add the makeup to the right. Add the carapace below. And you would have the beginnings of a great costume
After this I would add jewelry. What queen is complete without her bling. The webbing and spiders would decorate the front of the jumpsuit

Now the bling
The Crown
A Wristlet
A necklace