Sunday, October 2, 2016

Blog Hop - September Round-Up!

K Chappell ( earthnk

I was a little disappointed when I got there and realized there were no September posts but then I've had months when I didn't post anything either. What I did find were a few good articles on the process of making designer soaps which I enjoyed reading.

Ang McLaughlin Hewasiribaddana ( angel1985

I read all of September's posts as she is a food blogger and I need to do something similar for mine and my grandchildren's birthdays in October. She has an interesting style and if you like food bloggers she is well worth the read. She has had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy and she has some hints for those of you considering this.

Tracy Kichinka ( tkichinka 

No recent entries here either though there were some interesting photos. The first one I saw with the shoes in the trees was pretty interesting from a contrast point of view.
I like this one better. It reads like a journal and that is always cool!
Vishruti Dev ( Vishruti

Really liked this blog so I decided to follow her. The first article I saw was about reusing things we normally throw away and I got some good ideas from that. One of the others I looked at was a holiday the birthday of Lord Ganesha – the Elephant Headed lord. I learned a bit about the celebration and about Ganesha which made this item extremely interesting for me.

Michelle Cruz ( peanutsmommy7

It was love at first sight with this blog! She has daily quotes with a mixture of other things that makes this one dang near perfect for me! I am following of course.

So that was my blog hop today. Interesting with a lot of contrast in subject matter and style. Check them out!

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  1. Hi! Most recent entries are at my WordPress account. I added to the swap bot comments section late. Enjoyed your posts!