Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clean your house!

So I thought, what about cleaning? Sometimes I procrastinate and well guess what it's a mess in here. But if I have a swap partner checking on me... I'm going to get it done.
So here's the requirements: come up with a cleaning or organizing project for your home. You might clean your whole house top to bottom, or maybe you'll organize 1 desk drawer, implement a new system for storing your washi tape collection, wash that mountain of disgusting dishes that's been accumulating in your sink for 3 weeks, who knows? Up to you. Then get some "before" and "after" photos- or you could make a video- to share with your 2 partners. Email the photos (or email a link to the video) to your partners, and if you want to explain the photos, write a little bit about what you did in the email.

My task: Do the dishes that have been stacking up in my sink for a month now,. (sigh yeah I said a month). I have been washing one or two items as I needed them to make my meals but have not emptied the sink completely in a month.

Thank goodness for this swap I now have an empty clean sink once more.

1 comment:

  1. A clean sink is a beautiful thing right? I like to leave dirty dishes on the counter but hubby likes to put them in the sink. Drives me crazy when the stuff in the bottom never gets cleaned and other stuff gets piled on top! Thebragal Swap-Bot