Sunday, October 16, 2016

GROUP: Passport Challenge: Laos

"ຂອງກິນບໍ່ກິນມັນເໜົ່າ ຂອງເກົ່າບໍ່ເລົ່າມັນລືມ
Food not eaten will spoil. Old things not repeated will be forgotten."
Lao Proverb
Little Laos on the Prairie The Lao'd Perspective. Serving a hot dish of news, culture & life.
This is where I will be doing most of my reading for the next 15 days. It contains a variety of articles from Laoan celebrities to political issues facing the Laoan people in the United States.
1) What's in a Lao Name? 
2)You So Lao If...
3) Taste of Home: Lao food
4) The Joy of Lao Cooking

I love cooking so exploring the food of a new country is always fun

October 16th has been designated Laos Day by me and today everything I eat will have it's basis in Lao Cuisine The menu for this day include making Pumpkin Coconut Custard and Spicy Lao Dip- three ways as well as the Lao equivalent to Chicken soup
Pumpkin Coconut Custard in Oven
Dip ready for Fridge

Dinner consisted of the chicken soup with the dip as a topping and then a bowl of the Pumpkin custard. The dip was indeed very spicy but not too spicy I couldn't eat it. The custard did not set properly but it still tasted good with the pumpkin. I scooped custard and pumpkin instead of slicing it because as I said the custard did not set enough. Too much milk and not enough sugar I think. I will try the custard bit on another day as I still have all the ingredients.

For the music part of the itinerary I went to YouTube for Laos music-Junnapar. This music is the backdrop for my swap work today. I love the instruments but the singing voice can be a little grating on the ear. For the play list I went to the page above and just let it play the songs in the Autoplay Column.

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  1. The custard sounds delicious! I would have esteem it even tho it didn't set up too! Sounds like an interesting peek into another culture. Thebragal Swap-Bot