Saturday, October 8, 2016

Helena8664's Halloween Survey Swap #1 (Round 2)

What was your first halloween costume? I don't remember my first costume. I'm sure it was made from castoffs of some sort most of my costumes have been
What costume did you hate? Again I do not remember my costumes
What are you going to be this year? I am not dressing up this year. I live in a place where trick or treaters are not likely to come and I have not been invited to any costume parties
What was your most expensive costume? The year I bought a costume to be a Spider Queen, With the dress and jewelry it added up to about $50 CAD
What was your favorite costume? Gotta say I loved being a Spider Queen
What would you love to be? I keep looking at the genie costumes and thinking I would like to be one of them.
When was the last time you went trick-or-treating? Outside of the house not since my children were little like 9 and 10
M&Ms or Skittles? M & Ms
Berry or Tropical Flavors? Tropical
White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate? White or Milk
Sour or Sweet? Sweet
Chewy or Crunchy? Chewy
Cloddhoppers or Whoppers? Whoppers
Chocolate-covered Raisins or Peanuts?  Raisins
Starburst or Gobstoppers? Gobstopper
Bubble gum or lollipops? Lollipops
What was the first horror movie you saw? I adored Alfred Hitchcock hour but I do not remember what shows I saw.
What was the last horror movie you saw? Pet Cemetary unless you mean comedic horror and that would be Hocus Pocus
Zombies or Aliens? Its a toss up these days but I think it would have to be zombies, especially the smart kind
Ghosts or Vampires? Another toss-ups but I prefer vampires more than I like ghost stories these days
What are the goriest movies you have seen? I do not watch gory movies
Who is scarier: The Ring girl or The Exorcist girl? I don't know who the ring girl is so it has to be the exorcist girl
Who is Scarier: The Saw clown or the Chucky doll? Finally an easy one Chucky
What did you like better: Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of The Dark? Are you Afraid of the Dark
What do you prefer: Resident Evil or Silent Hill? Resident Evil
What was the scariest video game you have played? I don't play video games
What are you doing for Halloween this year? Nothing
What is your biggest pet peeve about trick-or-treaters? When I had them, the grabby ones. You know the kid that reaches out to take from the bowl rather than wait to be given the candy.
What was your favorite jack-o-lantern you helped carve? I don't have one they were all fun
Have you ever been out on Devils Night?  No

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