Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Snap Happy-October

MISMATCHED - contradicting, odd, a clashing pair?  Snow and green grass and autumn trees all in one image definitely a mismatch

Taken behind a Community Centre with a rink

TREAT - a stolen moment somewhere pretty? An indulgent snack or even a purchase. 

Home-made Chicken soup

SOMETHING ORANGE - Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you decorating? Seek out something orange

Waiting to be carved

SOMETHING BLACK - let something black catch your eye and snap it!
I like Spiders and wanted to take a couple of these guys home

SOMETHING PURPLE - find something purple and let it be the focal point in this picture.

This big mother is what caught my eye first

EVENING - how do you spend yours? What does it look like? 

Watching movies

Working on swaps

LIGHT - can you catch the sun Setting? A candle flickering? Something ablaze?

All lit up after being carved

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