Monday, October 3, 2016

Something I have been thinking about

Some lovely advice for those seeking to learn & live the way of the Green Witch:
"Find a place that speaks to you. Adopt that place. Go there at least once a week. Pick up any trash you find there. Do not disturb the animals, do not remove anything from that place that belongs there. Make it known that you are there as a guardian and as a student. Do this for a year and a day. Take notes. Make sketches. Look at the clouds. Note the changes in weather. Take photos. Record your observations about the animals you encounter, what flowers bloom and when and where they bloom. Find out which birds come and go. Learn the names of the trees. Sit quietly from time to time, and just listen. Do this for a year and four seasons..."

Finding a place would not be hard I live in one of those towns that is basically a town in a park. Making the trip weekly that might be an issue. As the cold weather advances so do my number of bad pain days. Still I want to do this.

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