Monday, October 3, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 2

The SECOND TASK is answering to the prompt: A brief personal history (Where are you from? Where is your family from? List thing that makes unique your story like crafts, memories, stories, characters...). You can use any medium you like (writing, painting, building with Lego... whatever)

A brief personal history

Hi partner, you may find this pretty hard going if you read the whole thing. I use words because they are what I'm best at. I hope you find it interesting.

I was born in October in a hospital that does not exist as a hospital any more. I think it is a hospice or something

I grew up in Harvey Township in four different hamlets. The only constant is that we always lived by water, rather it was lake or swamp.

I have lived in a hand built shack, a farmhouse, a mansion and a regular house.

For the first sixteen years of my life I lived in places without indoor plumbing and even a few that didn't have electricity. The heat and cooking was done with a big wood stove.

My family background is eclectic. My father was a French Indian what they call Metis now and my mother a German/English/Negro mix. I was raised off reservation and have very little knowledge of the Indian and Negro parts of my background. Though I look Indian and my hair though straight is as woolly as any Negros

I was a single mother before that became an epidemic and when I left home at 19 I had two children and no husband. I liked it like that! Money issues aside it meant I didn't have to share my children with anyone but my parents.

I was diagnosed as a depressive when I was 25. The psychiatrist that diagnosed me said I had been one since I was 13. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out the illness has a name it's called Dysthimia. 

At 23 I left small town life and went to a big city with a man I hardly knew and two young children. During the year I stayed with him my daughter and I were both mentally abused and I think my son was sexually abused but he never said and I never asked. I suffered a mental breakdown which helped me escape that man though in the process it destroyed a lot of who I was.

I spent nearly five years getting some portion of myself back. When I returned home at 26 I met an old boyfriend and we started dating again. Eventually we got married though it only lasted 5 years.

Hmmm not so brief is it and that only brings me to my 30's. Time to switch tracks I think.

Crafts especially needlecraft was part of my upbringing though in truth I never learned to knit until well into my 40's I did hand sewing and embroidery for most of my life. I've made cloth dolls and over the last 10 years I have been learning a lot of paper based crafting and did a bit of miniature dollhouse type stuff.

The stories I remember are all about what a precocious child I was. My curiosity is very high and has led me into many places, some good some bad. Still does when I give it free rein though these days I channel it towards information gathering instead of adventure in culinary pursuits and colourful neighbourhoods.

My memories, the ones that are left to me include Christmas visits to my favourite aunt and other family. A few from my third year of school including dancing with the shadows and doing the can can at an outdoor concert we put on for our parents.

I also have the memory of a few places I called my own. Basically little hollows surrounded by trees which became my version of a playhouse. They are very precious to me and surprisingly when I returned to them to see if my memory matched them it does even allowing for a few decades of growth in the area.

I discovered witchcraft/wicca when I was 13 and spent a bit of time that summer experimenting though I was well into my 30's before I made a thorough study of it and adopted the parts I liked. Until my 13th year I still believed in the church I grew up in but spending four months living in tents because we were homeless made me begin to wonder a bit. I did not leave organized religion behind until I found myself pregnant at 17 and decided the church wouldn't want me any more.

My mind keeps bringing up other memories that though they formed the person I am today I would not want in my imaginary world. I think I will stop here. If you really want to know more of my history you can check out my about me page.

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