Monday, October 17, 2016

What is a Spider Queen?

A costume I created though I have no pictures of me in it. I have tried to recreate it on pinterest but my mind is a bit fuzzy. It consisted of a black dress I had  and a ring bracelet set that was made to look like a spider connected to a web. As well I stuck four pipe cleaners to the dress to be the other 4 of the spiders eight legs. If I were to do it now I would do it differently.

Begin with a pleather jumpsuit and knee high boots, add the makeup to the right. Add the carapace below. And you would have the beginnings of a great costume
After this I would add jewelry. What queen is complete without her bling. The webbing and spiders would decorate the front of the jumpsuit

Now the bling
The Crown
A Wristlet
A necklace

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  1. I haven't picked a costume for Halloween yet, but this looks like a good idea. It will be something that I can put together for myself. Thanks for sharing. kisforkechell from swap-bot.