Monday, November 14, 2016

7 Day Challenge E-Swap

My goal for this swap beginning November 7th is to use my rebounder for the next seven days a minimum of 5 min. per day. I will be updating this post daily to track my progress on reaching this goal.

As a very small trampoline it has many health benefits because it is adaptable for aerobic, flexibility, strength and in my case balance. This makes it a great exercise tool for small spaces.

I don't have the grab bar or handles on mine but I do have the ability to add them if I want.

Wish me luck!

November 7 Definitely not 5 minutes but at least two maybe three. Tomorrow I will pull out my timer and use that. I am not upset by this because it has been two months give or take since I last used it so 2.5 minutes give or take is a big plus in my mind.

November 8 Fail- did not do any time on it at all today, spent most of today sleeping guess I still needed some recovery time from the weekend

November 9 Fail- woke up to a bad pain day and just couldn't face it. I will do it tomorrow!

November 10 100 jumps including 50 which were running in place steps only equal a minute twenty-two so 5 min on the rebounder is probably not possible for me right now but hey 1:22 to 2:44 to 3:66 etc. eventually by the end of the winter or March 30 which ever comes first I may be able to do 10 min or even more. I just gotta keep at it and with the arrival of two darling pink sports bras I don't have the complaint of bouncing tits any more.

November 11 Fail: Got up late and just didn't have the energy to get dressed.

November 12 Fail: Damn it looks like I need two days rest between each session at least for now. I gotta change that.

November 13 Fail: Had a visit from the grandkids that wiped me out for most of the day

All in all not a good record but that I was able to do it twice this week is a good thing it means that there is a possibility that by the end of the winter I will be able to do it 5 days out of seven.