Sunday, November 13, 2016

7 Day Photo E-Swap

November 12

I picked this up at Talize. Other than the gel pens very little has been used in this kit.
I think I got a great deal.

November 13

GS#1 with his mom at my place. She is helping him make snowflakes
for their window at home.

November 14
The tree in the background still has all of it foliage and its green
The others around it have turned and some are even bare

November 15 
All you mothers and grandmothers will recognize this. Our own personal art gallery
though mine is a bit skimpy.
November 16 
My first fairy garden. My fairies are waiting for their wings, I haven't found
anything appropriate yet. No plants yet either, debating what to use
November 17 
The view from my sitting area window. The frames hold school pictures
November 18

GS#2 I was babysitting him & his brother today and forgot to take a photo
this one was taken on the 13th

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  1. These are such lovely and different kinds of pictures
    What is the Nov 16 picture ? A bird feeder ?


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