Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ESG: Movies I watched in October

I did not count but I think there is about 20. I watched 2 or 3 every night from October 19 to Oct 31st to celebrate the 13 days of Halloween.
  1. Rocky Horror Picture Show 
  2. Hocus Pocus 
  3. Hotel Transylvania
  4. Halloween Town 
  5. Halloweentown High  
  6. Return to Halloween Town 
  7. Halloween Town II 
  8. Corpse Bride 
  9. The Nightmare before Christmas 
  10. Coraline 

These ten are old favorites and most of them will be familiar to you. I know I am supposed to write a couple of lines for each of them but I do not know how to do that, they are my favorite Halloween movies and I have watched most of them since they were available to the public.

Halloweentown I only found them a few years ago. I think it was supposed to be YA but I liked the first one so much I had to watch the others. Marnie is a great lead character.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are huge favorites of mine and if I find any more of his Halloween animations I will be adding them to my collection you betcha!

Hotel Transalvania is a YA movie that I saw and liked it is a reminder to me that even adults need to play sometimes.

Rocky Horror  is surreal and it takes a certain type of person to accept its ragged story line and that type of person is me and a few thousand other fans.

Sleepy Hollow 
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton - need I say more? I read the book and this movie followed it about as well as most movies do but it did it well

Grave Encounters
The Wolfman
These three are new to me as well and were recommended by the Professor of the three of them I liked Detention best, again kind of YA but I love young adult stuff so that is ok with me.

Pumpkinhead 2 - Blood Wings
These were the only two movies I watched that I would call true horrors. I found them on a suggestion list of movies to celebrate the 13 days of Halloween. There was one more but I just couldn't watch the third one.

Bates Hotel (the new one)
Ghost Dad
The Bates Hotel is a tv series which I did not realize until I went to watch it, I thought it would be like the story and in some ways it is. Not much to my liking unfortunatly, I only watched the first episode and that was enough

Ghost Dad is a sweet story about a dad who tries to make life easier for his kids after his death.

I, Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein
I couldn't find the original Frankenstein so I watched these two. I have a whole new respect for that monster now.

R.L. Steins Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls
This was one of the recommended movies for the 13 days of Halloween and I think I will be adding it to my favorites list it has the right combination of fear and hope for me.

Hell and Back
This is last for a reason, this is an adult cartoon and has some references that would not be right for children to see but I found it quite amusing.

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