Sunday, November 13, 2016

ESG: Shuffle your music #11

Put your music device (ipod, mp3player, playlist, music on your phone...whatever) on shuffle and send the first 10 songs to your partners! Easy peasy.

  1. Close Every Door  from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  2. Over the rainbow Celtic Woman from A New Journey
  3. Cinema Paradiso (Se) Josh Groban from Josh Groban
  4. Jellyhead  CRUSH from Jock Jams 3
  5. Canto alla vita (Featuring The Corrs) Josh Groban from Josh Groban
  6. Rebel Yell  Billy Idol
  7. Never Be the Sun (Dolores Keane) A Woman's Heart 2
  8. So She Dances Josh Groban  Awake Live {Exclusive Limited Edition}
  9. Carol of the Bells Celtic Woman A Christmas Celebration
  10. Dirty Looks Juice Newton Juice Newton's Greatest Hits (And More)

As you can see a shuffle on my itunes show just how much variety there is in my music. I've linked all 10 to youtube  so you can hear them the way I did. Hope you enjoy  this playlist.

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