Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here's What I See...

1) A picture of what you see when you open your front door. 

When we got the first snow of this year I took this photo. It is what I see when I step out my door because I'm Always looking down when I go outside. I have fallen 3 times in the last two years so now I'm a bit paranoid

2) A picture of your mailbox--mail slot--p.o box... 

My mail comes to this mailbox in my building unless it is a larger package and then it comes to my door

3) A picture of your backyard.

I do not have a backyard as such but this sits on the opposite side of the building from my unit. This is our garbage room.

4) A picture of your street -right

I chose right because when you look left all you see is the General Electric buildings, big blocky, red brick buildings

5) A picture of your swap-bot craft table.

This is the right hand side that holds my supplies. The actual work takes place on my computer desk. I don't have a dedicated swap-bot work space.

6) A picture of my postcard collection
As you can see I have very few blank postcards. I have been collecting them as people send them but other than the pink and purple ones which I got from Vista Print there are only about 2 dozen.

My received postcards are even fewer maybe 8 right now but I have only begun to collect them. Soon I hope to have as big a collection as some of you others do.

7) A picture of my bookshelf. 
This holds all of the paper books I have left. I have over a thousand e-books as well but it's kind of hard to take a picture of them when they are in PDF's

On the bottom shelf in the photo you can see a few of my journals. On the shelf below that one are a couple of scrapbooks I am working on

I hope you have enjoyed this set of photos from my view ... this is what I see!

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