Thursday, December 29, 2016

12 Healthy Habits for 2017

The Inspiration: I have found that goals are usually unrealistic and are just as hard to achieve. I have heard that it only takes 21 days of repetition to form a habit. That if you repeat the same action, deliberately for 21 days it will become part of who you are. I have decided that this year I am going to Start the year with 12 healthy habits I want to achieve and diligently work each one for 21 days. Hopefully be this time next year I will have made some improvements. As I start this I found it hard to come up with concise actions I wanted to accomplish. I thought I would open this up to all my Swap-bot friends.

SMART Habits require a very specific formula as most of you know. They must be

Detailed or extremely SPECIFIC, a general goal to lose weight if you do not have a plan to accomplish it is useless. The how, when and where need to be answered to bring it within reach
They need to be MEASURABLE either a time period or number of some sort that you can write down as a record of your progress
They Need to be ATTAINABLE ie don't expect that you will be able to do 100 push ups when you start if you haven't done any before
They need to be RELEVANT ie A goal to lose 10 lbs because your partner says you are fat is not relevant to you, if on the other hand you have a dress you want to wear for a function then it becomes relevant to you. It must be your why, the reason you want to develope this particular habit
They need to be TIMELY this refers back to the when in the first part, when will you start, how long will you do it (21 days for this one), and any milestones along the way.

I am starting on the premise that 12 habits means I can focus on one habit per month of the year, that gives me 28 to 31 days to work with. Of those 21 days are the absolute minimum amount of time I will dedicate to them.

Habit 1: I will get up every day at 8 am and go to bed at 12 am. My sleep schedule is very bad and I need to normalise it a bit. To accomplish this I will set my alarm for 8am and not ignore it no matter how tired I feel. I will set another alarm for 12am and when it goes off regardless of what I am doing I will shut down and turn the lights off and get into bed. I will not move from said bed except to go to the bathroom until the alarm goes of again at 8am

Habit 2: I want to concentrate on getting my food intake normalised. I need a simple menu that is easy to follow and prepare. My thought is to sign up for Meals on Wheels freezer plan which will provide a full dinner for each day of the month. Breakfast can be oatmeal or another cereal for breakfast and soup for lunch. I need to get in the the habit of eating three times a day at a specific time each day. To the alarms above I will add three more one for each meal

Habit 3: I will make it a habit to socially interact with groups of people on a regular basis. I need to do this because I spend everyday interacting with the computer and never leave my home. 

I will spend an hour every Thursday with my wheelchair bound, housebound friend.
I will attend the older adults group that meets at the poutine place every Wednesday
I will join Activity Haven and attend @ least three classes per week

In order to make this work out to 21 days I will attend the church two of my friends attend at least twice

Habit 4: I will walk around my block every day before breakfast. I will sign up to the YMCA and make it a habit to attend a one hour class each week.

I need to get my weight under control the first three habits were directed towards this months habit and is the one I will continue to build throughout the year until I am doing the recommended amount of exercise for an obese diabetic

Habit 5: I will be working on my body cleanliness which is an area I consistently fail at. Practice showering every day. Practice daily foot care. Practice daily teeth brushing, daily hair care including the facial hair that comes with menopause. The idea I have is a checklist in the bathroom that I need to check off when completed every single day.

Habit 6: I will create and follow through on a daily list of chores and activities that will keep me occupied and away from the computer. I currently spend 12 to 18 hours a day in front of my computer, I would like to decrease that to around 8 hours

Habit 7: I will become a good Goodreads member and start to keep track of what I read and what I thought of it. I want to see just how many books I read in any given month

Habit 8: I will host at least one swap in each of the Swap-bot groups I am a leader in. The swaps I am hosting for January follow and are linked:

APDG: Celebrate A Wacky Holiday

MCM: Monthly Theme Challenge: Snow
WIYM: What's the Word ATC - International
IS: Homemade Postcard Series #1 International
SMM: Word of the year

I also have one up for January that is not connected to any group it is just something I wanted to do

I do not ... but I will in 2017

Habit 9: I want to stop biting my nails, make the nails long and strong and then get in the habit of doing a home Mani every week, I love painting my nails but I have a bit of trouble letting them get past the end of my fingers

Habit 10: I will post here something every day of 2017 even if It is only a quote or image of some sort

Habit 11: I want to get in the habit of changing my bed sheet every week now that I have enough sheets to make this possible

Habit 12: I will put any money left over in my main account into my savings account, I am saving for a new bed and paid funeral arrangements.

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