Saturday, December 10, 2016

Creating Kindness and Love

In the beginning it was simple, a smile to a stranger. That is how I began!

Soon enough I was waving thank you to drivers who stopped to let me cross a street.

After that it was an easy step to add a hello or good morning to the smile.

Next came the yelled thank you to the nice driver along with the wave

And of course the conversations about nothing with a stranger while waiting for a bus.

Such small simple things but you know more often then not I get a smile and a hello back and the drivers they smile and wave back.

By and large it is the conversations I like best, interacting with a complete stranger makes us both feel good. And for myself at least it eases the loneliness I feel some days.

I don't have a lot of money to throw around but if I have change I give it to the street person who asks. I haven't bought a coffee for the next in line but I gave my bus pass to a driver on the day it was to expire so some poor soul could take the bus if they needed to even if they didn't have any money.

Often I think it is the small courtesies that are appreciated most. Sayin hello and wishing some one a good day or even holding open a door to allow a wheelchair or baby buggy to get through. A thank you to a bus driver, cashier or post person makes them smile and sometimes they even say it back.

As I get older I see such simple courtesies disappearing even though I feel like we should be doing more of it. I taught my grandsons to smile and say hello to strangers, I hope they remember when they become adults and do the same. Sure, I suppose you could say such things are dangerous and I agree but 99% of the time the stranger danger is just in our own heads.

Would I do more if I could, you betcha! Were money no object and pain non-existent I would be out on the winter rounds to deliver coats, blankets and other things to the homeless in my home town. Were space not an issue I would provide a meal for them every day. I can not do these things because my ill health prevents me but you could!

Or if you suffer as I do remember a simple smile and a hello could brighten up someones day!

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