Friday, December 9, 2016

Favorite Memory from 2016

On July 1st I officially became a resident of this building. There are several reasons this is my favourite memory of the year.

1) My rent was reduced by $300, on a fixed income that is huge!
2) I have fond memories of this neighbourhood. I spend my happiest years here.
3) See those steps on the left, I was sitting on them when I met the only man I ever officially married
4) The area is fairly quiet compared to the central apartment building I was living in.
5) I am within walking distance of a Tim Hortons, a grocery store and a pharmacy. A bulk store is also close by
6) My neighbours in the building are older adults like me
7) My own kitchen, my own bathroom and laundry 20 steps away from my apartment

It is compact and comfortable. I feel lucky that I not only got into a brand new unit, I made a couple of friends.

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