Friday, December 23, 2016

Swaps on my Mind

I am currently hosting two swaps, ideally I would like to do more but each one I host means someone else's I can't participate in. That could be a good thing I suppose but I prefer that other people be in charge its less of a headache for me then. 😄😃😊

Still I am an officer in three groups and need to do at least one swap a month for each of them.

Artistic Profile Deco Group ;-)- Bling up a profile

New Years
Wacky Holiday- January
Hearts and flowers
Wacky Holiday- February
Windy face
Wacky Holiday- March
Rain images
Wacky Holiday- April

Inspiration Station- All type of mail

Paper bag book
Scavenger Hunt

Mini-Challenges through the Month- mostly e-swaps and always a challenge

Month theme photo challenge ie Snow for January
Cooking challenge- seasonal food
Movie challenge - theme oriented
Instagram scavenger hunt

Stuff My Mailbox- flat mail of all sorts

Word of the Year ATC
Cardinal decorated Envelope - Red
Blue jay decorated Envelope - Blue
Parrot decorated Envelope - Green
Alphabet ATC's

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