Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 6

For the SIXTH TASK: Relax. Find a comfortable sitting position. Take deep breaths. Remove all distractions. Have a pen or pencil, or any medium you like, ready. Think of a space that you really love, a place you have been or a place you have seen in photos, a place that makes you giddy, that give you energy. Place yourself there and describe what you are looking at. What materials? What sounds? What smells? Look closely. Give it a name, it is your space.Personalize it, add a decoration, something you use, something you love.

I go to this clearing often in my mind. It is based on one I knew as a child. The only sounds here are the breeze in the trees and the songs of the local wrens. The trees are smooth barked and the ground is more moss than grass. There are butterflies everywhere though there is no really noticeable flowers for them. 

I call it simply the clearing, for two reasons; one that is what it is, an open space surrounded by trees, and two because when I go here I am doing so to clear my mind or find a little peace in the middle of chaos.

I added three things that would not normally be here, a tuxedo cat because I love them and a cats purr pleases my soul, a cup of coffee in a red cup much like the one I use and finally a book. The book is a representation of my journal, which I use to sort out my thoughts when a simple meditation will not do it.

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