Saturday, January 7, 2017

Did You Know ...

Polar Bears are endangered?

Polar bears live in a very specific habitat.  They need the cold, snow and ice of  the polar regions.  That is why they are called "polar bears" and not "summer  bears."  Polar bears have very few natural threats in the polar region.  Polar  bears are on the top of the food chain and there are no other animals in the  north that will threaten the polar bears.  So why are the polar bears now on the  threatened/endangered species  list?

 Polar bears are not threatened because of other animals or because they are  being hunted too much.  Polar bears are threatened as a direct effect on how we as humans treat the earth and the environment.  People have begun to take the Earth for granted.  They have treated it as thought it is indestructible.  When if fact, the earth is destructible, and we are destroying it. 

Polar bears live in the arctic, and like many other places on earth, the  has had scientists who are learning about what is happening to  that specific region of the earth.  The scientists have been doing deep core .  This is where they drill a hole down into the ice and pull out a core of  ice.   In this core of ice the scientists can get very specific information about the weather, the atmosphere, and the temperature for a specific time period.  These core tests can determine facts from 420,000 years.

The deep core tests have revealed facts about the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere.  There is a natural up and down range that the levels have, these levels have never gone over 300 parts per million, that is until recent years.  Now what does this mean?  It means that some of the carbon dioxide that used to leave the Earth's atmosphere is now remaining inside the atmosphere.  The carbon  dioxide that is remaining on earth, also known as greenhouse gases, is raising  the earth's temperature, causing the "Greenhouse Effect."

 Now you may wonder what all of this has to do with the polar bears.  The polar bears live in a very sensitive environment.   The  arctic region is made of snow and ice.  Snow and ice is what the polar bears depend on for their survival.  The "Greenhouse Effect" warms the earth, and therefore, melts the precious snow and ice that the polar bears need for survival.

So it is easy to deduce from this, that we, humans, are the cause of the polar bears being threatened.  We are slowly killing the planet and most of us are oblivious to it.  Global warming can be slowed down, the polar bears do have  a chance.

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