Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Looking into self care

So the last time I had a mammogram was 2013 considering I turned 50 6 years ago that is not good at all. What's worse is that I still felt I had time even though I have watched friends and family fight with cancers of one type or another. I've been getting notices for the last year and a half but it kept slipping my mind. Today I finally went as it turns out I am the last woman on my floor to do that and it upsets me because I really should know better. I mean at 56 I know what I need to do to care for myself health wise but things like this and the colon testing don't seem important enough to do. I mean if I'm going to die soon from an incurable disease I don't really want to know about it, I just want to keep living day to day.

Good does that ever sound negative and it is a bad attitude. Oddly enough I found an infograph just before I started this that made me stop and think, Why am I being such a moron? I hope you read this over and maybe take care of your own tests. I know that when I go to see the doctor on the 23rd I'm going to be asking him to schedule a couple of tests for me

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