Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Outcome of January Challenge

The Plan: I do not socialize much, and never with anyone but family. I want to change that and maybe find my tribe if it exists.
I live in a small city so there are lots of options if I can be brave enough to leave my home and actually go places where other people are.
In my building there are a group of 3 women who meet nearly every day for a chat, my first little step is going to be stepping out and joining them when I hear them talking in the hall.
On Wednesday morning there is a group of older adults who meet at a nearby place. I plan to join them at least one Wednesday this month and maybe more if the weather lets me and I don't punk out.
Also nearby is a housebound friend from my younger years I want to make it a habit to stop in and check on her at least once a week.
Lastly there is a place nearby that runs daily activities for older adults and seniors. I want to go there and check it out maybe even join.
That is my goal and my plan, wish me luck

The Outcome: I was able to visit with a local friend once and talk to the other ladies several times during the month. I did not make it to the public group nor did I make it to Activity Haven.
As an experiment in self socialization I would have to say I was 50% successful which is better than a complete fail but I know I could have done better.
On the Wednesdays I planned to attend the public group I ended up sleeping the day away. That tells me that it is something I am really uncomfortable doing, it also tells me that it is the public part of socialization that I am afraid of.
The sense that strangers will judge me because they do not know me, first impressions and all that, scares the heck out of me. I am afraid I do not give good first impressions. Now that is probably in my mind but it is the basis for my issues I think.
Activity Haven is an activity centre for older adults as a way to combat the loneliness and lack of physical movement that we usually have as singles living without family. The problem for me is that most of the programs require a donation of some sort, usually money and I don't have a lot of it. I will continue to look into this perhaps I will find a program I really like that isn't too expensive.
So for me I did in 2017 something I did not do before, I talked to my neighbours and went out to visit a housebound friend. But I did not go to places where the people were complete strangers. 50% success rate. In February I intend to continue working on this and I might even make it to my first public group.

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