Sunday, January 29, 2017

Project 365 Week #4

I had a nice long nap when I got back home but the fact remains I was able to walk 1.88 km without collapsing and only a couple of stops to catch my breath so I figure I am not in as bad shape as I thought but no where near the 10 km I used to be able to do. I figured I'd get to the Tim's then have to wait for a bus the Tims is maybe a quarter of a km from the Shoppers. I ran into a friend who asked me to walk with him but I told him I was in too bad of shape for that. I walked and additional 200m to the bus stop and stood waiting. I got cold and the bus was taking forever so I decided to start walking, thinking I could get to the next bus stop before the bus came. I walked past two  and had almost reached the third when the bus went by. I tried to run to catch it but was just too slow, He/she drove away before I could get to it. Rather than wait for the next one I continued to walk, I was nearly half way home by this point anyway. I stopped once to take a photo of the house I lived in when I first moved to Peterborough and a second time as I was crossing Jackson Creek.

I lived upstairs here

Jackson Creek

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