Friday, March 24, 2017

20 Questions

  • What country, city, state do you live in now? Have you always lived there? Where did you live before?
I currently live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I have not always lived here, I was raised northeast of here in and around Buckhorn. Since I left home I have been to British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec and have also lived in Toronto and Hamilton here in Ontario
  • Do you have a nickname or nicknames and do you still use it/them? What is/are your nickname(s)?
I have several nicknames a couple I still use. My first nickname was Cherylann it is what all of my older relatives called me. My dad nicknamed me little iodine after a cartoon girl who was always getting into mischief and my mother called me Charlie for reasons I do not wish to share. My first husband called me gypsy rose and when I got on the internet I christianed myself Wildchild. A couple of friends also called me Cher after my favorite celebrity. These days I use Wildchild on swap-bot and Cherylann most everywhere else
  • Are you in a relationship, engaged, single, married, widowed, divorced or it's complicated? Do you have a large or small family?
My current relationship is complicated we were never formally married but we were married in our own minds. I left after seven years to pursue a job, when I came back we tried to make it work but it just wasn't in the cards. We still consider ourselves married but we reside in different cities and thus different homes.
  • When is your birthday and how did you celebrate your last birthday?
I am an October child and I did not celebrate my last birthday beyond gifts from my children and my partner
  • Did you do well in school? How far did you go in school? Do you have a degree? What type of degree do you have?
I was a straight 60%er (c student) mainly because I just didn't work hard at school. I have received a couple of certificates but not an actual degree as I never finished college, never got to university.
  • Where have you traveled to? Which place was your favorite? Is there a place that you would like to travel to?
As I stated above I have been to British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, I have never been out of Canada. I would go back to B.C. in a heartbeat if I could. I am hopeful I will get to see Paris, France around my 60th birthday. That is the place that is at the top of my bucket list though I would not be adverse to a tour of Europe and Asia.
  • What hobbies do you have? What is your favorite hobby?
I collect e-books, embroider, write a blog and several other things. Mostly stuff you can do by yourself. My favorite hobby is collecting books. I want a full e-library of every title I have ever read or want to read.
  • What crafts do you do? What is your favorite craft?
I do many crafts, currently I am concentrating on ATC's but could switch to knitting, weaving, miniatures, dollmaking or a number of paper related crafts should the mood cease me. I don't have a favorite craft though I used to love knitting before my hands began to go bad.
  • What is/are your favorite color(s)?
I have three favorite colours: Red, Purple and Green
  • What type of music do you enjoy? Who are your favorite musical artists?
I like all kinds of music and my favourite musical artists are Cher, Meatloaf and Simon & Garfunkle
  • Do you enjoy reading? What type of reading do you enjoy? Who are your favorite authors?
I read a lot, a book a day if I can. My favorite genre is fantasy, (the unicorn kind not the other one), science fiction and cozy mysteries. My favorite author of all time is Piers Anthony followed closely by Spider Robinson and Anne McCaffrey
  • What types of foods do you enjoy? What is your favorite food? What foods do you dislike? 
I like all kinds of food and my favorite is anything with pasta and /or shrimp in it. I dislike Octopus and squid and all those other sea animals that taste rubbery
  • What is the strangest food that you have ever tried?
Escargot and I only ever tried it once
  • Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.
I do not currently have any pets.
  • What type of movies do you enjoy? What are some of your favorite movies? Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?
I like a good action movie like Terminator or the Matrix. A good comedy when I need a laugh, I love Madea. I do not have any favorite actresses or actors at the moment, most of the ones I liked are deceased now.
  • What are your favorite holidays? Do you have a holiday experience that you would like to share?
Christmas used to be my favourite but these days I think I like Easter better. Nothing to tell.
  • What type of television shows do you enjoy? What are some of your favorite television shows?
I don't watch TV like most people. I tend to binge watch shows. Currently I am watching House.
  • How did you spend your summers when you were a child? How do you spend them now? Do you have any special summer plans?
Summer was swimming and camping, marshmallow roasts and spending time with my family. These days I don't do much, mainly stay inside to escape the heat. This summer my partner and I are planning on exploring Toronto and area in a series of road trips.
  • Is there anyone special who you lost touch with and later reconnected with them? Tell me about it.
An old friend or two have come back into my life over the last year. There isn't much to tell, I connected with them on FB then IRL.
  • How do you deal with stress? Is there something special that you like to do that helps you deal with stress?
I avoid stress as much as possible. If I do feel stressed I watch a movie or read a book.
  • Do you have any special holiday plans coming up? What holiday are these plans for? Are you going out of town or staying home?
No holiday plans exactly, I want to get all my grandchildren together and have a painting party but it hasn't gone beyond the thinking stage yet.

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