Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nurture - Word of the Year

How have I nurtured myself in March?

I have spent time outside enjoying the air and mixing with people after a winter of near confinement.

I have spent time with my son and his two oldest children, once a week and it has been super.

I have travelled and seen some things I have not seen before.

I have showered a few times (trust me that is something worth saying for me).

I have spend time chatting with my neighbours. I have also gone with one of them on a trip to a reserve for cigarettes. (baby steps there but I am doing it)

I indulged myself by purchasing the pieces for two new crafts, I made a yarn wreathe and I have a weaving frame on which I made a mug rug.

I purchased a lot of vegetables and actually ate quite healthy this month, though giving up sugar for lent hasn't worked quite right I have managed to cut way back. I find as long as I have fruit I do not miss it as much.

How about you? Have you nurtured yourself? Tell me about it!

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