Sunday, March 26, 2017

Oracle Says: Synchronicity

dance with the magical movement of spirit

Dance with spirit. Spirit is a talented and remorseless companion. She is the part of you which loves life and drags you with her to the newest most exciting thing in your world. She presses you to join in even when you are sure you have neither the energy nor the desire to do so. And you know what she is usually right.

Synchronicity is the coming together of disparate elements to form a new and interesting whole. Be it becoming part of a social group of like minded individuals or joining in to save the trees because it means the whole world will be better for it.

The magical movement of spirit is what guides us to speak with a stranger so that we and they feel less alone, (though I seldom think about that it is just interesting to talk to someone I haven't met yet). It is the spirit that moves us to seek the other, be it in church or in other belief systems. It is our need to belong to belong somewhere or some how. We all have that need though some of us would rather not admit it even to ourselves.

Embrace the dance and join in the world in some little way. Even if that little way is just to go outside our home and speak with someone new.

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