Monday, April 3, 2017

Weed out Hate: Sow the Seeds of Greatness Day

About Marc Daniels and the Weed Out Hate Initiative

In 1946, my grandfather, Ross Daniels, invented the Ross Root Feeder®, an irrigation tool that to this day nurtures the deepest roots of trees and shrubs and connects millions of home owners to nature. My goal is to carry the torch and take my grandfather’s vision to the next level—to better connect future generations of gardeners, and kindergartners, with nature for the higher purpose of improving the fabric of society.
In a similar manner that root feeding unlocks stagnant soil for facilitating absorption of nutrients and water through the tree's root structure for optimal fruit harvest, Weed Out Hate root feeds our children for yielding fruits of the connections to nature, friends, family, and society. Weed Out Hate removes the obstacles that prevent us from feeling and drawing upon the strong roots that we already have. It's a great treatment for enriching and stimulating our education roots. It empowers even the smallest child to condition his future self as well as the future garden by learning to remove acculturated prejudice in a similar manner that one extracts weeds in the garden-roots and all.

Click the title to find out more about this initiative. Weeding out hate at root level sounds like a great idea but how do you do it?

Marc Daniels began this movement by handing out sunflower seeds to children in front of a church. The idea seems to be that by joining gardening and love together we start the movement towards less hate in the world. By literally getting back to our roots.

But how would I do this? Well I would start with my grandchildren and their friends. I would invite them to a planting party. There would be ground that could be planted and seeds to plant there. Also food and drink. I would have planting races and other garden type activities to drive home the love each other part of the party.

I think by involving children of all races and colours in to getting their hands dirty, we show that we are all created equal, plus getting dirty is fun. That in a few weeks you will have flowers or other plants to show for it only makes it more fun.

Make gardening a regular thing!

Can you think of other ways to make this work? I would love to hear from you!

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