Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Reading Challenge 2017-September Read an Author you haven't before

Hollow Earth Trilogy Series: Hollow Earth by John Barrowman Carole E. Barrowman

All three books of John & Carole E. Barrowman's HOLLOW EARTH trilogy. Book 1: HOLLOW EARTH. Book 2: THE BONE QUILL. Book 3: THE BOOK OF BEASTS.
Long ago, the Order of Era Mina bound all the beasts of myth and legend into the pages of a single tome. They called the prison they had created the Hollow Earth - a nightmare world built to keep our world safe. Over centuries, their Order grew strong: the men and women with the power to bind and animate the magic of this world learned to live in secret among us, watched over by their constant companions, the Guardians. Each Animarus was tasked with the protection of this world. Each Guardian was tasked with the protection of an Animarus. And in time the history of the Order was forgotten, their relics lost, and the Hollow Earth became nothing but a story.
Now, twelve-year-old twins Matt and Emily Calder are about to discover this world for themselves...

Hollow Earth was a bit of a surprise for me, I don't know why I expected a different style but I did. It is a great book though I find I need a break now & then because the style seems a little dry to me. It puts me in mind of the droning voice of a teacher more than lively storytelling. That is probably just me.

Also it is a young adult book so it is possible that I heard teacher but they would hear storyteller.

I love the premise and it is a quick read. I am interested enough that I have read the second and will read the third one in the series if only to find out if they do find Hollow Earth.

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