Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Adventure time

I am in Toronto for the next week and I have a plan! I am going to as many stationary shops as I can that are reachable by bus. I packed a heap of projects to do but left them sitting in their nice wicker trunk beside my door. So now I got to go get more writing paper and in the process I can look at the great fountain pens they carry. Plus I have an excuse to pick up stickers and background papers! Yay me!

So how many stationary shops are their in the GTA? More than ten! Yep you heard me there are more than ten of them in the city.

The first one I plan on going to I discovered many years ago. The Papery is in the Yorkville shopping area and has been there for forty years. It is also where I first discovered writing paper and fountain pens. Though I'll be going to their St Clair and Yonge branch since it is closer.

There is a place called Page and Panel near the Toronto library so I can go there and to the library in one shot. I have never been to the main Toronto Library Since its on the same Train line I might do both of them in one day.

There are at least 4 in Koreatown that will be another days trip though they are in the Yonge Bloor Area as well

As for the rest of the days I'll be resting and doing laundry and working on a couple of Projects.

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