Sunday, November 26, 2017

A New Chapter?

Things went kinda pear shaped for the professor on Thursday and I am still reeling. Without warning and with very few contributing factors he suffered a "really bad" heart attack. It is a shock to all of us who know him. This guy just turned 50 three months ago. He doesn't smoke, has never done so. Doesn't drink except once in awhile socially and then he takes a few sips and that is it for him. He doesn't have diabetes or cholesterol problems. He is at most 20 lbs overweight. The doctor says it was just rotten luck and the fact that he can be stupid stubborn about seeking medical help unless the pain is too much. They say that the 12 hour delay from onset until he got to the hospital is the main cause of the damage and the damage is "really bad".

I heard one of the doctors say on the phone that he had lost 55 % function. Since I only caught part of the conversation I can't be sure that I heard it right but it speaks to the doctors repetition of "really bad". Thankfully he has to make very few changes in his lifestyle, the main ones are giving up his South Street burgers as well as eating more vegetables which he doesn't like much.

It also means that our usual Date night A & W followed by Dairy Queen has to go away. I am not happy about that one at all and neither will he be when he realizes it. Thankfully there is still Swiss Chalet and Red Lobster.

The other thing it heralds is a change in our living arrangement. There are going to be some issues around that I'm sure but I am also sure that they will need the police to remove me from his side ever again. The two hour trip down here from Peterborough took forever and I was a mess. I never want to have to go through that again. And I never want him to spend those hours alone again, in pain with no one to hold onto.

He has always had a phobia around death and this made him face that demon head on and alone. I do not want that for him ever again and will do my damnedest to make sure it never happens again!

For now I am here and intend to stay here!

Once he is out of the hospital he will be joining a recovery group and has asked me to go with him. I know I asked for an exercise partner that I could push and they would push back but I am not happy about the prologue to it. There had to be a less dire way the great spirit could have helped me. Water under the bridge now though. We just have to adjust our lives a little and work together to get stronger and healthier.

As long as we are together the rest will take care of itself.

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  1. No A&W? No Dairy Queen?? No South Street???

    I am losing my will to live... JUST KIDDING!!!!


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