Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 14th

Do you remember the flylady? I got so angry with how I was not taking care of my home that I decided to go see if she was still there. She is! Check it out FlyLady

FlyLady cartoonThis web site helped me take care of a huge 3 story house so I am sure she will be more than helpful with my little bachelor. Yesterday I "shined my sink" for the first time in ages. I like the daily theme and I love the daily missions. It will feel great to have my mess back under control again.

She also has a section on self care so that was a bonus as that is one of my main goals this year. I realized near the end of last year that I run to help others all the time but I seldom take the same care of myself as I do others. This year I want to do that!

I have been going back and looking at several self help books I have. I want to start using them again. Oh FYI Kindle has a free reader for computers, you don't have to buy a tablet, I use it all the time.

The Artist's WayI have the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron which I completed several years ago on my Kindle but I am thinking this year I may do the second one Walking in the World which I have in paper form. I have also been thinking I'd like to go back and redo some of the homework questions again from the Artists Way. I do not think I have forgotten any of the lessons it taught me but it never hurts to take a refresher now and then

19370865The Crafter's Devotional is a year long program that gives you a lift when you are having Artist block, this year I am reading it again as I feel I've lost some of my creative juice over the last few years. It like the Flylady has different themes, in this case six as the weekend is combined. Each one focuses on a different part of being creative like learning new techniques and occasionally new to you crafts.

6921303The Spark is a 28 day program that will help you along the weight loss path. I was a member for a year and lost 20 lbs but then I stopped going. This year I will begin again by reading the book then go back to the web site and begin keeping records and getting advice again. The have a strong, enthusiastic membership that helps each other and I miss that.

748862Simple Abundance I come back to year after year. Sometimes in the middle of the year I'll open it to that days entry and find comfort in the words. It is also a day by day reading and activity book that will help you simplify your life and find more joy in it. Yes I am a devotee. She has others but I have yet to read them as this one suits me. You know all that stuff about living seasonally that is suddenly the new thing well guess what she was there first.

1452834And the last one "The Woman's Retreat book by Jennifer Louden. Again there are other books by this author but this is the one I wanted. I can't afford to go on a big spiritual retreat much as I would like to, this is the next best thing in my opinion. The paper version is a bit easier to use but as a Kindle book I can take it anywhere and it doesn't take up any room. It offers ideas for simple half-hour retreats to 2 day long ones that you can do at home. Sometimes you just need to spend some time with yourself.

Guess I better stop there I still have a ton more things to share but I figure this is enough for anyone for one day. Hugs!

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