Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2nd 2018

Not sure I'll be able to keep this going on a daily basis but I'm going to try. Today I made my comfort food for the first time in several months.

Why you ask? Because I am feeling like I already failed this year and that nothing will change. Perhaps things should change before I start feeling bored again.

I ate a pound and a half of Jelly bellies since Christmas and perhaps a dozen sugar cookies quite obviously compromising my weight loss plan before the year has even properly got underway.

On the upside I did move around a lot yesterday going to nearly every floor looking for the owner of a letter that was in my mail box.

I have two swaps to finish but they are already in progress its just putting the final touches on them and other than a couple of e-mail swaps I've found nothing I want to do right now.

Did I show this to you guys last year? There are no instructions with it and I was unable to find the original source but I have no intention of just copying it any way. I have a lot of loose squares that were due to be sewn together to make a blanket. I didn't get them all done so I am going to use the ones I have to decorate a hardwood chair that lost it's seat cushion. It will not be neat and probably not pretty but it should make the chair more comfortable.

Anyway I started it today and will be adding one or two pieces each week during the year until it is done. I will take a photo each week to show my progress.

Does anyone know how you can add an instagram photo to a blog post? Using the embed code won't work for me.

I had to download it from my phone then upload it here.

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