Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8, 2017

Hmmm a word of warning friends, CRA reads blogs and Facebook and other social media looking for cheaters.

This evening I received a call from The Professor because they had called him. Seems that if he is my husband they can make him pay back all of my ODSP for the last four years. I mean really?

We never even had a wedding though we did live together for a few years except that I left in 2007 and haven't been back. He was and is my best-friend and we talk nearly every day on the phone. I call him my ever-lovin' cause he is always there when I need a hand with things. He does the same for my daughter and grand-daughter because he is a caring person and me and mine are one of his projects.

Now this has made me actually think about what I'm writing instead of going with the flow. I wish the government stayed out of our bedrooms and our blogs.

What I can't figure why they were even looking at me, I've only been on ODSP for four years before that I was on welfare because I've not been able to get a job for ten years due to the Fibro and depression.

It makes no sense what-so-ever.

OK turns out this is a scam of some sort. If you get a call from someone purporting to be CRA and they give you the number of a lawyer to call it is a scam. CRA doesn't do that. Just a FYI

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