Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018

So another year has come & gone and what do I have?

A bed I can't use
A bookshelf & desk that I adore
No new grandchildren
Another bad year with my son though it seemed to start out well enough
A maturing daughter who seems to be trying to be more responsible in her life.
A husband recovering from a heart attack
Two friends that moved out of this wing into the other for more space.
Gained 3 pounds after losing 10
An apartment that is comfortable
My health is still the same which means no deterioration over the last year which is always good
The same list of unfinished items plus a few more I started in 2017
Realization of a couple of goals in particular the use of a bullet journal that has turned into a god-send
A return of my curiosity
A new interest in going outside regularly

In all not a bad year.

What do I want in 2018?

No resolutions just plans to follow and goals to meet
More time outside
Much less dependence on the computer
A return to handiwork specially knitting and patchwork
To eat healthy three times a day I miss fresh vegetables
Answer my pen pals quickly
Consider new venues for increasing social interaction

Yee gads it is hard not to make a list of resolutions instead of a path to follow.

I will weigh 177lbs by December 31, 2018
I will go out to local events once a month
I will prepare 3 meals a day
I will spend 4 hours each day on the computer
I will make 12 knitted items and 12 patchwork items
I will read 104 books this year
I will spend 30 minutes a day outside
I will move my body for 30 minutes a day
I will answer all letters within 5 days of receiving them

What do you think? Should I will be my word of the year?

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