Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valuable insights

I value my eyesight above all of my other senses. Sound and touch can convey necessary information but they can not allow you to become immersed in a book or a movie or even nature. For that you need sight.

Why am I mentioning this? I went to get my yearly eye test, it is a requirement of a person with diabetes, this week. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago but didn't make many changes in what I ate and drank. This past week changed that.

During my exam the optometrist asked if my sugars had been fluctuating? I told her I didn't know because I only got my blood tested when it was time to go see the doctor. She next asked me if I had noticed any fluctuations in my eyesight as fluctuating level can affect the eyes in a diabetic person. Since this had been happening I listened for the first time and actual began to pay attention to my brain and body during the day.

In the week since I have stopped drinking coffee, I ran out, and have been drinking green tea. I have also stopped putting maple syrup on bread and calling it a sandwich as well as several other bad habits I had. I have noticed that my vision stays clear until I get tired which makes the sacrifices more than worth it.

Who knew? I've also been looking for the meter I bought a couple of years ago but so far no luck. If I don't find it during the packing I will have to replace it somehow. That is a problem for a later date.

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