Sunday, March 11, 2018


Do you wonder sometimes why you get stuck or are unable to keep to a routine or keep lists in your head of things that need doing but don't ever seem to get done?

I don't understand how this keeps happening to me! I start something, keep to it for a couple of days then don't do it any more?

A 'for instance' from my life: When I moved into this place eleven days ago I had a plan, eat better, sleep regular hours and use my rebounder every day. I managed to control my eating habits fairly well but after a couple of days the others fell away.

In the past few days I have slept 16 hours straight, got up after 5 hours sleep and stayed awake for 18 hours, slept for 3 hours and have now been awake for seven and a half hours.

I used the rebounder for two days but on the third day it became my dresser because putting my clothes away seemed like too much trouble.

I still have stuff to unpack and organize but just can't seem to get to it because my games and my reading takes up the time. In fact I spend most of every day sitting in this chair either reading or playing my games. I would get rid of my computer if it were not the repository for this and everything else like my clip art collection and my library.

I do my banking online, I have several email accounts plus several social media sites I frequent and so much more. Going back to how things were before I got my first computer seems impossible. I mean this is how I pay my bills for petes sake.

At the same time... I will continue to be useless in real life, lost in the pixels of cyberspace. And I really don't like the way that makes me feel.

I have been considering one of those electronic fasts but I run into the same thing, every thing I do is tied to this machine and I don't know if I could function without it.

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  1. I could break the computer so Facebook doesn't work anymore if you like :)


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