What I Like About Myself

  1. I learn from my mistakes and don't repeat them 
  2. I like to hug and kiss friends and family
  3. I enjoy making things with my hands 
  4. It takes a lot to make me angry
  5. I am patient with others
  6. I am helpful to others
  7. I do not use tears to manipulate people
  8. I am honest and open in most of my dealings
  9. I like animals and animals like me
  10. I am a pretty good cook
  11. My only vice is Facebook
  12. I don't buy something on a whim, I think it through
  13. I know how to budget
  14. I know how to write weekly menus
  15. I like books and read a lot
  16. I try not to compare illnesses with other people
  17. I have beautiful children and grandchildren
  18. I can program a website
  19. I can write poetry
  20. I can write fiction
  21. I am pretty good with a camera
  22. I do dishes and clean up without being told
  23. I can dress myself and do my own laundry
  24. I do not complain too much when I have a bad pain day
  25. I am a decent human being

1 comment:

  1. Ohh, this is AWESOME! It's soooo good that you are able to make this list :-)
    It gives me A LOT of inspirement for my own life. Thank you so much for this! It totally made my week :D

    Jadelynn from swap-bot.

    (I don't really have a blogspot account so I could only comment with this blog, but it's not actually used :-) PS It's not for a swap)