Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday is Journalling

I got to thinking... what makes people afraid that a single mark on a book will damage it? Why is a partially cracked spine worse than one that shows signs of constant reading? It is a mystery to me why people treat books as if they are part of the National Treasure. Books were made to be handed from hand to hand, in the beginning they were made strong because there were so few of them but now we have millions of books in nearly every language on this globe and still people treat them as if they are made of gold and precious jewels...sheesh.

This Week's Inspiration

1) Grab the book you have designated as your journal. Open it to any page except the first ten or the last ten. Bend the book until the covers meet. Bend it as many times as you need to to get the pages to lie flat
2) You will need some tools for the next part but don't worry they are things you have around the house.
  • two shot glasses or similar small glasses, bowls, cups whatever, just make sure they are not from your good set because they are going to get a bit messy
  • newspaper, drop cloth something to cover your work area
  • a set of water paints (you know those sets of pans you get at the dollar store for a buck or two)
  • a paint brush or two, if you have several different size ones gather them at your work area
  • your journal
Fill the shot glasses with water these are for wetting and rinsing your brushes, remember to rinse after you have finished with a color. Sprinkle a little water on the watercolor tray to soften up the paints a bit as well
Choose a brush and dip it in water, Now dip it is a color, swirl it around a bit if you want a less transparent color. Now swipe any where on those two pages. Thats right any where with any color. Don't think about it just do it.
Repeat changing colors every now and then. Change your brush every now and then as well if you have multiples. Do this until the page is covered in color. Let Dry!

Oh look no more white page but a page full of color waiting for you to jot down your thoughts. We'll talk about that next week. For the rest of this week repeat this exercise. I would suggest that you do at least five sets (ten pages).

Your page may look something like this. There is no right or wrong only what you feel.

Your basic watercolor kit

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Happy Hallowe'en

Its Monday... I have some things I need to do. Unfortunately I am still feeling pretty disconnected. Still as the Fly Lady says "baby steps". A few days ago I would have told you that I was past all the grief that comes with a parents death, even a sick, elderly one. Today as I begin my third week without him in it, I miss my dad. We have not been especially close the last few years but I have always been daddy's girl, now I belong to no one. For some that may be great for me it leaves me sad and more vulnerable than I would like. I just can't muster the energy to think let alone protect myself most days.

At least one of my problem will be solved the first weekend in November. The professor has agreed to give me my Christmas gift early so I should have adequate storage space, finally, by this time next week. I am so sick of my clothes being in a pile on the floor, being able to put them on a shelf neatly will ease some of my stress. Not to mention how much easier it will be to move around in here. I did not realize how much I actually like orderly and neat until just recently. I live in a room, some sort of order is required else I would be buried in stuff like one of those Hoarder's. More than that though knowing exactly where something is and not having to dig it out just feels better. Strangly I find myself associating neat with pretty and comfortable and I'm all for comfort.

I have also come to the conclusion that I need to slim down my crafting stuff. I have lots and most of it I will never use so I am determined to give it away. I will most likely list it in Freecycle but first I want to go through each box. I know that kinda defeats the purpose but in the sticker box for instance is a whole bunch of Alphas which I use for lettering on journal pages so I want to keep some of them. Not to worry though... What now takes up all five shelves of a bookcase plus other space here and there I aim to reduce to two shelves in the bookcase. That means I'm going to be getting rid of a lot but it also means that I can concentrate on one or two hobbies rather than the ten or so I do now. Who knows I might even get real good at something.

I also have a few dozen blank books which I would like to send back out to the world for someone else to use. Maybe even help the next great writer get started. That come later though. Right now I need to concentrate on narrowing my focus a bit.

I like making things, repurposing old things gives me much more pleasure than buying supplies to make something new plus it helps Mother Earth. I am shifting my focus away from craft stores and learning how to repurpose thift store stuff. I help Mother Earth and other would be creators by giving away my accumulation of stuff to people who really need it and using what is already on hand. I can apply this to nearly any hobby I choose. For instance fashion photography of barbie dolls. I can create new clothes for them by using bits of left over yarn from my knitting or scrap fabric. I become designer and photgrapher and I use up stuff that is even too small to make into a dish cloth. Another for instance is cardboard boxes with a little work and advertising papers and such I can create a runway or other setting for the dolls or use old floppies and cardboard to make a diorama. The list really is endless.

It is 8:08 AM EST, I have been up for two hours and I really need a coffee. I will bring you this weeks journalling inspiration after coffee and breakfast.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday October 30th

Today is usually the day I plan my month to come. I am thinking there is a lot I want to accomplish in November but given my current mental and emotional state I am not sure what if anything I will actually accomplish. Yet I know I need give my mind some kind of framework to work within or else all I will do is sleep and play Cafe World on Facebook

Today for instance there is a kick-off Party at 2:30 for NaNoWriMo within a 20 minute walk and I am having serious issues about going to a party where I don't know a single person. For me it is very scary since I am such an introvert. Then there is the other side of the coin- these people will encourage my writing unlike my family and who know I may make some valuable contacts against my fear what is that?

Though I would love to get the goodie bag I can purchase the same things for myself as would most likely be in it except maybe a t-shirt. As you can guess I have more or less talked myself out of going but it is only 11 AM and it doesn't start until 2:30 PM so I still have time to change my mind.

Planning for November:
1) Minimum of 1000 words a day with a grand total of 30,000 words in the month as my personal goal for NANOWRIMO
2) Minimum of 4 types of poems written for my 101 in 1001 challenge
3) Minimum of 8 scarves knitted per 101 in 1001
4) 30 day drawing challenge- one drawing/doodle per day
5) 2X 30 day photography challenge a)30 photos in 30 days, b) 1 photo per week
6) Minimum of three barbie christmas outfits
7) Create Basic Christmas setting for barbies
8) Knit two toys
9) Complete both current swaps- consider adding three more for November
10) Knit 4 small dolls more if I can
11) Blog every day
12) Reach Level 300 in CafeWorld

There is more but I figure that is quite enough for now.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 46-101 Things to do in 1001 days- October 29

I've had a bit of a set back but I'll be back at it by this time next week. Lets see what did I accomplish in the last seven days:

1) I finished a scarf but my grandson got a hold of it and somehow managed to tear a couple of stitches out so I am trying to decide rather I should tear it out to the dropped stitches and reknit or reuse it for something else.
2) I've been watching the odd movie but since they are not on the list on my computer I have not counted them.
3) I have located two challenges that I plan to start in November. One is a 30 day drawing challenge and the other is a 30 day photography challenge. I also have an Autumn photo swap I'm in for which I have taken several photos though for some reason the trees just are not co-operating with me at the moment. I see yellow or brown or bare branches no pretty reds and oranges anywhere.
4) Novel writing month begins on Nov 1 and I have signed up for that. It shall be interesting to see if I can write a short story let alone a full 30,000 word book. Still I do not think a thousand words a day is that much to ask of myself. Since this is my first try I am starting fairly low, less scary that way.
5) I have started on the third art journaling book. This one is one I got originally for an online course but never took.
6)I have to work on that ballad a bit, what is there is just a rough draft and it needs lots of fine tuning.

101 things to tackle this week:

1) Write an Elegy for my dad
2) Knit 1 scarf
3) Knit a Snowman. I love Jean`s patterns. I may even make a few of her ghosts for Halloween
4) Begin drawing challenge
5) Begin Photography Challenge
6) Complete at least 3 art journal pages
7) Watch at least 7 movies
8) Start the 200-100-200 challenge with the cold weather coming I need something to keep me active
9) Knit a halloween costume for at least one fashion doll- Halloween Witch, dracula, wolfman, Frankenbarbie, ghost and anything else I can think of. I probably won`t get them all done this week but since my goal is only one that is fine.
10) Create and knit a Angel costume for a fashion doll
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sharing Love

Life is A Beautiful Struggle is a blog I found that gave me strength and the courage I needed to continue down this life line of mine. The entry that the link connects to spoke clearly to me. If you follow my blog you will know I suffered a great loss this month. I suspect that during the next year or so I will be drawn to things like this because of it's promise of redemption. Right now I need that Promise.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011

Ten days ago my father died. He was in his 82nd year. He was in fact 17 days from his 82nd birthday. We buried him on the 24th. I did my duty and left as soon as I could. Does that sound cold, perhaps, all I know is that after a funeral and two post-burial receptions I needed to get away.

I needed to get away from Peterborough, I needed to get away from my family and I needed to get away from all the condolences. Normally I like hugs but on that day I was very tired of them and of people in general. The Professor brought me back to Toronto and suggested strongly that I stay there for a few days. As depressed as I was I did not argue.

I spent Tuesday sleeping, that is my usual reaction to extreme stress and depression. Wednesday I slept less but still more than normal. Today I slept less and I showered for the first time in two weeks. Tomorrow or Saturday during the day I will be going back to Hamilton.

I am not sure how I will handle the time alone but I do need to get back to my life, as much as I like it here it is no longer my home. I do know that the danger period is past, I have reached acceptance. The deep depression is lifting.  I have begun to take care of myself again. And best of all I have begun to take an interest in things other than my own misery.

I will allow myself a few more day then I'll be back to my schedule of posts. I am glad I did so many ahead that way the gap is small. I need to keep my mind and hands busy for awhile so the volume of my own work will increase. I am looking to do some craft and photo challenges as well as the Novel writing challenge which is in November.

101 in 1001- Poetry- Ballad

The first ballads appeared in the 15th century telling a story. They were often in the form of popular songs and have simple rhyme schemes and regular rhythm. They are iambic and some have a chorus or refrain. Popular rhyme schemes are a b c b; and a b c b d b. This didn't seem to flow like that so I ended up with an a b a c rhyming scheme. Rhythm is hard for me but I hope I have managed a regular one.

The Power of Two

Here is a story for you
A story of a life
Defined by the number two
Will you listen

I have prepared
A list for you
Don't be scared
It is about the number two

Two children I bore
Without benefit of matrimony
Now don't be sore
I was a single mother before it was trendy

Been married twice
Divorced the first
Left the second one
Not once but twice

Four grandchildren I have
Two girls and two boys
As you can see
The number two defines me

Addictions I had two
Alcohol and cigarettes
Two drugs I tried
Marijuana and hash

Depression, Suicide
Weary and full of pain

I tried to decide
If I should remain

Twice I was saved
By those who loved me
Twice by strangers too
I chose to stay

Seeking peace I moved about
Four places I have called home
Two were cities, two were towns
I felt I belonged nowhere

Twice I have lived on my own
Twice I hid in a shelter
Shall I continue to moan
Twice I ran away

Twice I had thought
I have found peace
I had found what I sought
The number two defines me

At twice twenty-five
I decided to stop
I accepted my lot
And was satisfied

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday is Collection, Stash and Materials

Due to circumstances I do not have the images available for this project but will get them up ASAP

So did you have some fun with those buttons last week? I hope you did!

You will find the template I used here but this is not the only option on this page you will find two other paper doll templates.

The templates offer you four forms you can use. I chose the winged goddess  you may choose whichever you prefer.

  1. Choose your doll form. Print out the sheet or sheets you need from The Enchanted Gallery
  2. Cut out the doll form and assemble it. Put it aside (image)
  3. Get the background paper and sketch your background. (image)
  4. Color it in. You will notice on mine that certain areas are not colored, I will be placing buttons in those blank spots (image)
  5. Dress your doll. I chose to dress my doll in a gown of buttons and use dimensional paint for the wings. (image)
  6. Once your doll is dressed and while she is drying add those background buttons. (image)
  7. The last step is to put your doll into her background. I used mod podge to glue her down because of the heaviness of the buttons. After everything was dry I added another layer of mod podge to seal everything together. (image). You can use that or a self leveling gel.
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