Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012

I have been a very busy woman over the last few months. My health decided to take a nose dive and I have spent a lot of time with doctors. I even attended one of those weight loss clinics for awhile but blew it and now I'm even heavier than I was when I started it. I was doing so well too then the word exercise test were said and I went to pieces.  I do not understand what happened except that I kept seeing myself slowly dying on a treadmill while others stood around and watched. That image scared the bejezus out of me and I went on a binge. I think I am getting it back under control but that was rough. Then I did a sleep test to confirm sleep apnea and now I gotta use a respirator while I sleep. I finally got an appointment with a shrink only to HAVE HER CANCEL AT THE LAST MINUTE!

With the move to Peterborough coming up I need to get things in order, oh yes that. I am headed back to Peterborough and my daughters house as of my birthday this year. I beleive things will be better now especially since I really do have my own space including my own bathroom. :) it is almost an inlaw apartment but not quite. I will be bringing my own kitchen and of course water will have to come from the bathroom but all in all not bad at all.

Lots of alls in that sentance. The church is ringing it's bells so it is noon. I need to eat something I've been up for two hours and haven't eaten a thing. I am rambling and I want a break. Sheesh barley 300 words and I want a break. I do have some other stuff to cover and I need to look at my 101 in 1001 to see where I'm at. I must be getting close to the 365 day mark by now.

Just checked the countdown clock for 1001 and I am halfway through day 372. Now to check my goals and see where I'm at with them.

It seems that despite my absence I have actually made progress on a few things.

I am 2/3 of the way through a pillow doll. I don't have a photo but will get one soon. I knitted it out of some yarn I had hanging around. It is not perfect of course as I messed up part of it but for all of that it is still pretty neat. It still needs a face and to be closed up. Right now it is somewhere in the Professors garage as is a fair amount of my stuff due to a bedbug infestation. No way am I going to take them to my daughters if I can help in, so they are in quarantine in the Professors garage.

Starting to repeat myself. Time to leave off for today. I'll finish the update on the 1001 project either later today or tomorrow.