Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All things Peterborough

Peterborough, Ontario is one hundred and sixty two years old. Originally settled by Irish immigrants from Europe. It's first major employer was the Canadian Canoe Company which for awhile created a quarter of Canada's canoes. Over the years other big employers move in starting with Johnson Motors which still has a major toe-hold in the boating engine market. This was followed by General Electric and Quaker Oats. 

THe canadian Canoe Company's manufacturing building has become a museum and though I have not as yet been in it I have been told that it holds a rather thorough display of early boating items. In my desire to reaquaint myself with what was my home for fifteen years I have decided to compile a list of places I would like to visit and things I would like to do.

I had not realized how hard it would be to write for quantity not quality. Oh I supose I should tell you why that is important. If you have read any of the previous entries you will have noticed a desire repeated over and over again in my notes, that is to write a book of my very own. Two actually, one of short stories and one of poetry. November is National novel writing month and I want to participate again this year. I am trying to figure out about how long it would take me to write 1068 words which is the minimum I have to write daily to meet the target of 50'000 words in 30 days. This is my first trial run and it's purpose ti to find out just what 1068 words looks like, thus the history lesson.

Within Peterborough itself there are two distinct parts East City & the rest of Peterborough. East city though almost a community unto itself is on one side of the Otonabee River which flows through the centre of Peterborough, sometimes above ground and sometimes not. To get to East city one must cross the Hunter Street bridge or go around to Monaghan Rd and through the Lift locks. 

Peterborough has a very unique geology. It is a group of seven hills through the base of which runs a river, there is nowhere you can go in this city without either climbing up at least one hill or going down one. Which is why a lot of people drive here. When the city was younger everybody used to walk to get most anywhere because it was only an hours walk to go from the extreme west to the extreme East or from the extreme North to the extreme South. As it has been pulled into the 20th century more & more cars have appeared and what was once a city of the fit has become a city of the obese. Parks which used to be busy in every season now sit mostly idle and the trails see very little traffic. The last time I followed one of the trails I noticed how overgrown it had become, which tells me even the city does not care enough to maintain them any more.

Still there is a definite shift in the attitude and demenour of the residents since I was here last, almost a lightening of spirits. Perhaps it was already here a year ago I just didn't notice because I was so deep in my own gloom. There are still a lot of empty buildings but at least Peterborough Square is beginning to pick up a bit. This is important not only because it sits in the centre of downtown but also because it was the first mall ever built here and as such holds a lot of history.

Ok concentration might be a problem. I have become so used to multi-tasking that I always have several items open on my computer at the same time, right now I have Evernote, Chrome, Firefox, Sticky Notes and a file folder open , each of the browsers have four tabs open. I was just reading about Peterborough in the Peterborough Wiki, can you beleive it we have our own Wiki entry and whoever did it knew a lot about Peterborough. I figure it was probably some one from City Hall that added it, either that or one of our historians.

Anyway it seems that Peterborough has a reputation as a art community which shouldn't surprise me but does a bit. It is probably that atmosphere which has prompted my own longing to make a contribution to the arts either by written word or other art form, like the dolls. Hmm I think I need another coffee, as I write this last word before I go get it I am at word seven hundred and eighty nine

Of the attractions here there are several that are on my must see list:

1) as I mentioned already I really want to go check out the Canadian Canoe Company Museum

2) Peterborough Museum & Archives

3) Spend some time at the Cenotaph and in the park around it

4) The Lift-lock Museum and if possible a chance to see the lift-locks up close and personal while they are in action

5) Peterborough Art Gallery

6) Little Lake  Music Fest

7) Riverview Park & Zoo

8) Artsweek

9) Downtown Countdown (New Years Eve)

10) Emergency: Festival of New Dance

11) Festival of Trees

12) Peterborough Folk Festival

13) Peterborough Pride Week & parade

14) Peterborough Kinsmen Santa Clause Parade

15) Multicultural Day

These are the city sponsered ones and of course for 2012 I have missed most of them since they are held during the tourist season but there are many other things to see & do including several small museums in the old homes of the founding fathers, the biking/hiking trails and of course live theatre.

There is also a skateboard park and skating rink if I want to get a bit more active. There are two library branches and though I've been to the Main branch lots I would like to check out the De La Fosse as they have art classes there. The libraries are quite active in promoting literacy and have many special events, they are the main host for the weekly writ-ins for NANoWriMo and so are high on my list of places to go and things to do.

There are also several groups I would like to join such as the Fibro Support Group and Toastmasters but that is a topic for another day


Word Count: 1080

Monday, October 15, 2012


Today will be my last trip to Hamilton before I return home to Peterborough. In the 20 odd years I have been gone many things have changed there for one it does not feel so dull and colourless. Less like a town dying and one that has found new purpose. This pleases me no end as it reminds me a little of the Peterborough of my 20's. Rather I will find a place for myself here or not I do not know but I hope I do. Certainly any benefit to me will move through the family unit and maybe all of us will get a new lease on life. I am coming late to counselling for the sexual abuse but maybe it will make the next 30 years a bit brighter than they have been for the last 30. I have reached that place that is called middle age, no longer young but not old either kinda like that place between 10 and 13 when the time until you are a teenager seems far away. No I am not looking forward to the declining health but I am looking forward to seeing what kind of adults my grandchildren become. Since the youngest is just about a month old and the oldest is 13 the years should be interesting.

I am hoping since my daughter and I have received the same instructions from our doctors that we will become close again and help each other. There is only 17 years between us so we should be able to find some common ground and some uncommon ground so that we can both grow lithe and more well-balanced. I may be over-reaching but I think I can find my butterfly again. If not it will still be a good exercise for me and get me out and about instead of sulking at home or sleeping so I can avoid the pain. Sleeping only makes it worse because whatever side I sleep on I wake up in the morning and it feels bruised even though there isn't a mark on me.

I do wish I had been able to focus on a specific goal or two but nothing comes to mind, actually lots comes to mind just not things I expect I can achieve given my current mental and physical shape. I need to move past my fathers death, that much I know but given that he has been dead just over a year means not enough time has truly gone by for me to reach equilibriam with his passing. The last five years were hard and his death did not make things any easier. My mother was a decade in the ground before I could think of her without expecting to see her.

I am experiencing some cramping in my fingers again, I think it is from so much time in front of the computer. Even though the hand that is hurting is not the one I use the most it is still an annoyance. Actually now that I pay attention it is the one with the tendon damage so it might be hurting because the cold weather is here. I expect to see snow any day now. It ussually comes late in October or early November and it is literally the middle of Oct today.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Any other year I would be strongly pursuing my birthday goals but this year my birthday didn't spark that move ahead current that I used to get. So many things have changed since my fathers death. I wear the same clothes waking and sleeping for two or three days. I used to have to put on clean clothes every day. I was never one for showering regularily, ( a hold over from my youth when running water in the house was something other people had), but now if I shopwer more than once a month it is because I need to present a clean visage to someone. I used to brush my teeth and comb my hair every day now I only do it when it really needs done. Again if I have to be presentable for something.

Other things have changed too, like I find myself doing and saying the same things over and over again, I used to pride myself on never repeating myself. I haven't pick up a glue gun or a paint brush in months and months. Same with knitting and sewing, I hardly ever work on anything. I'm pretty sure the cause is deep depression compounded with my mid-life crisis. Plus I think the medication might have something to do with it as well. One thing I learned recently is that one of the side-effects of Ciprlex is to dimish the sex drive, in my case it seems to have taken it a way completely.

The professor seems ok with it but it was a big shock to my personal equilibriam since it was the one thing I could say I did well. For the past few years I have been in a Limbo caused by the medication and other events that have been happening in my life. It seems that in this I am not alone. Sexual abuse causes all kinds of hurts and I certainly have had my share of sexual abuse.

Anyway it is 11:30 PM and time for this girl to head up to bed. More tomorrow I hope.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Things to remember!

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The day after my 52nd birthday. Yesterday was a good day although I did learn that I have become the kind of negative person I dislike. My goal for my 53rd year is to stop being mean spirited and critisizing everything and everybody. It means I will need to learn to think before I speak which will be a whole new experience for me.

I do not like the person I have become at all. Even constant pain is no reason to be so angry all the time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well life just keeps getting better and better. I am having some kind of severe allergic reaction although presently it is confined to hives. At least I think it's hives certainly its something and I am itchy as all get out. It feels like my whole body is one solid itch. It may be the bedbugs but they hadn't been bothering me until just recently. I'm sure I had lots of bites but no itch now it feels like my whole body is one solid itch. I haven't had any new foods so unless an old favorite has turned mean it isn't a food allergy. It bears repeating my body feels like one solid itch

I am nearly done the closing down of my place here in Hamilton and though my son-in-law seems to have gotten a repreive there is no way of knowing for sure, immigration could be at their door tomorrow. Besides I finally got a look at my room in their place it is easily twice the size of this one perhaps even as big as The Professors Master bedroom

The rash appears to be spreading at this rate my sit down is going to be covered with bumps. My skin feels like it is crawling with bugs. I don't see them but I can feel them. I am sure it is all in my head but that doesn't make it any less real. Cream, I had cream cheese yesterday and on Thursday there was cream in my coffee, I wonder if that could have triggered it because I have been getting steadily worse over the weekend. I just don't know why it would trigger a rash on the backs of my legs or on my sit down.

Time to move on... my daughters family are picky eaters so I need to come up with a way of making sure everyone has their daily calorie and nutrient needs met. The Professor suggests eating like the chinese do. Cook a variety of things and allow each person to choose what they want to eat. It makes sense and it allows the use of the food guide in a very simplistic way ie pasta, rice or potato are the standard starches, two vegetables something from the red family and something from the green family. Two small protiens: one fish and one whatever. They don't have to be large amounts since only two of us will be eating the fish and the other four will have whatever the other one is and a serving is only 3 oz I beleive. A second starch can be added in the form of bread or buns if needs be and then a fruit and possibly a sweet for dessert. It sounds like a lot but if we exercise portion control as well as making sure at least one of the fruis or vegetables is raw it would not be too bad nor would it require hours of work in the kitchen there are lots of things that are ready in half an hour or less. We will need lots of pots and pans though so I will probably go to Value village to see what I can find.

I will need to rearrange her cupboards so that I know what I have to work with, right now they are a disorganized mess. If we can clear out the pantry at least we would have some decent space to work with but storage as always is an issue at her place. She is as bad as mom for collecting stuff. I am sure they find it easy to work with such a mess but I do not. Since I will be helping out with the meals I think I'm entitled to a little organization.