Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Swap- ESG: My favourite picture of the month August

One of the things that was on my list to do for the month of August was house sitting for my daughter while she and her family went to Midland to visit my sister. These two were my main companions while I was there.

Coco the dog even shared my bed during the night. The cat was mother to my kitties. I had to leave them behind when I moved in here.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Snap Happy - August

For a closer look at the photos go to Pinterest
For my friends at swap-bot a small photo essay

Details: A maple tree in full bloom. I love the repeated leaf shape  

You: Me taken August 25th. This is me after a rough week full of pain and depression

Home: Is inside this newly renovated church. I have a lovely unit with a modern kitchen and a walk in shower

On my Left: In this picture is my laundry, my closet and my tweety table. These all stand to the left of my desk where I took the picture from

I Spy: A goose hidden in this garden. It surprised me since most of the other decorations are like that rusty urn

4PM: In front of my computer preparing boards for two pinterest swaps

Tiny: This salt shaker is tiny beside my pepper shaker that because I use pepper a lot more than salt on my food

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time seems to fly

Time seems to fly when you are busy and I have been though it doesn't feel that way some days. Since my last entry I have moved again hopefully this time into my home until I am too old to take care of myself.

This lovely building is an old church that has been renovated and made available to people on a income of less than 24K per year. It contains 42 units most are bed-sitters but there are a couple of studios and a few one bedrooms as well. the renovations are ongoing but they are mainly cosmetic things like safety bars in the showers and a patio area outside.

I have a large bed-sitter with two windows and a modern kitchen and best of all I have a walk in shower with a safety bar so I no longer have to fear falling when I want to get clean.

The biggest problem is that the laundry rooms aren't available yet but hopefully they will be soon.

The second thing that has happened over the last two months is that my son has begun to invite me to his kids birthday parties and to bring them around to visit.

This is Myles with his partner Ashley and three of his four children. Though the baby is there as well you can't see her. Aren't they gorgeous!

I have complained a lot about Myles keeping his distance so it is nice to finally feel included in his family.

With the reduced rent I have begun to pay off my creditors and taking better care of myself. My next step is to get my butt back to the YMCA cause I still have that 100 lbs to lose and I can't do it on my own.