Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here's What I See...

1) A picture of what you see when you open your front door. 

When we got the first snow of this year I took this photo. It is what I see when I step out my door because I'm Always looking down when I go outside. I have fallen 3 times in the last two years so now I'm a bit paranoid

2) A picture of your mailbox--mail slot--p.o box... 

My mail comes to this mailbox in my building unless it is a larger package and then it comes to my door

3) A picture of your backyard.

I do not have a backyard as such but this sits on the opposite side of the building from my unit. This is our garbage room.

4) A picture of your street -right

I chose right because when you look left all you see is the General Electric buildings, big blocky, red brick buildings

5) A picture of your swap-bot craft table.

This is the right hand side that holds my supplies. The actual work takes place on my computer desk. I don't have a dedicated swap-bot work space.

6) A picture of my postcard collection
As you can see I have very few blank postcards. I have been collecting them as people send them but other than the pink and purple ones which I got from Vista Print there are only about 2 dozen.

My received postcards are even fewer maybe 8 right now but I have only begun to collect them. Soon I hope to have as big a collection as some of you others do.

7) A picture of my bookshelf. 
This holds all of the paper books I have left. I have over a thousand e-books as well but it's kind of hard to take a picture of them when they are in PDF's

On the bottom shelf in the photo you can see a few of my journals. On the shelf below that one are a couple of scrapbooks I am working on

I hope you have enjoyed this set of photos from my view ... this is what I see!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Snap Happy - November

Fresh Basil From the Comunity garden
The view from my window
The door on the washing machine
In Your Hand
99% of the time this is what you will find in my hand
All kinds of things together here, like the swaps that are ready to go
This is my sitting area/reading room corner
Right Now
This is what it looks like out my bedroom area window right now.

I am Wildchild and this is Snap Happy November! Hope you liked the photos!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

ESG: What's in my fridge?

Take at least 1 picture of the inside of your fridge! 

My refrigerator is kinda empty because truthfully I mostly live on canned and frozen food. Real cooking just seems too much work when I'm only cooking for myself.

Inside the fridge

On the door

Random Wikipedia Article swap

[Formononetin]( Formononetin is found in a number of plants and herbs like the red clover.

[École des technologies numériques appliquées]( is a French private university in computer science localized at Ivry-sur-Seine. The school is part of IONIS Education Group. The degrees delivered by the university are recognized by the French state

[K. Narayana Kurup](  (23 October 1927 – 26 June 2013) was a senior leader of Kerala Congress (Mani), a splinter faction of Kerala Congress.[1] He was a former Minister and Deputy Speaker[2] in Kerala and a former MLA from Vazhoor in Kottayam district. He was a Hindu Nair.

[Beamhurst]( is a village in Staffordshire, England. For population details taken at the 2011 census see Croxden

[Abantis contigua](  the contiguous paradise skipper, is a butterfly in the Hesperiidae family. It is found in Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, western Kenya and Zambia (from the north-west to the Copperbelt).[2] The habitat consists of deciduous woodland.

[Jiangling County]( (Chinese: 江陵; pinyin: Jiānglíng; Wade–Giles: Chiang-ling) is a county in southern Hubei province, People's Republic of China. Administratively, it is under the jurisdiction of Jingzhou City.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 5

For the FIFTH TASK list any personality traits about yourself that you feel are unique.



My goodness I do not even know what I should say here. In no way do I feel I am unique every personality trait I have is shared by someone else otherwise it would not have a name. I think I will leave it at these five because they are core traits, ones I can remember always having.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Would you rather? Round #3

Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone who talks incessantly?
While I have no problem being around people who talk a lot ie the professor, I really need quiet sometimes. Incessantly means without pause to me so I would much rather be by myself

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Too cold because it is a lot easier to warm up then to cool off.

When you’re old, would you rather die before or after your spouse?
If I had a choice within a few hours of each other, with this choice I would rather go first as I am older than him.

Would you rather have a cook or a maid?
A maid because I hate cleaning 

Would you rather be the youngest or the oldest sibling?
I like being the oldest, I get to boss the others around cause I'm the biggest and my clothes are usually new unless they are from cousins

Would you rather get rich through hard work or through winning the lottery?
If you earn money you appreciate it more than if it is given to you, that said who doesn't dream of winning the big lottery and living easy for the rest of your life

Would you rather have a 10-hour dinner with a headstrong politician from an opposing party, or attend a 10-hour concert for a music group you detest? 
Music please I hate politics!

Would you rather be an Olympic gold medalist or a Nobel Peace Prize winner?
Nobel Peace Prize! Who wouldn't like to be in the same class as this guy

Would you rather have a desk job or an outdoor job?
In my younger days I would have liked being out of doors but since my 30's I have preferred desk jobs.

Would you rather live at the top of a tall NYC apartment building or at the top of a mountain?
Top of a mountain. Not really a big city girl

Would you rather have Rambo or The Terminator on your side?
Depends on which terminator. I like this woman from #3

Would you rather be proposed to in private or in front of family and friends?

My bf keeps saying he is going to hire one of those planes that fly with banners on their tail to propose to me. Personally I'd like something a little more private like a dinner at a nice place with the ring sitting in my drink or something.

Would you rather have to sew all your clothes or grow your own food?
Grow my own food, sewing machines and I have a very poor relationship.

Would you rather hear the good news or the bad news first?
Hmmm I gotta think about this one I think the bad news first to to get it over with (think band-aid) then the good news to ease the pain 

Would you rather be your own boss or work for someone else?
I am no longer capable of holding a job so I would have to say be my own boss then I can pick when and how long I work

Monday, November 14, 2016

7 Day Challenge E-Swap

My goal for this swap beginning November 7th is to use my rebounder for the next seven days a minimum of 5 min. per day. I will be updating this post daily to track my progress on reaching this goal.

As a very small trampoline it has many health benefits because it is adaptable for aerobic, flexibility, strength and in my case balance. This makes it a great exercise tool for small spaces.

I don't have the grab bar or handles on mine but I do have the ability to add them if I want.

Wish me luck!

November 7 Definitely not 5 minutes but at least two maybe three. Tomorrow I will pull out my timer and use that. I am not upset by this because it has been two months give or take since I last used it so 2.5 minutes give or take is a big plus in my mind.

November 8 Fail- did not do any time on it at all today, spent most of today sleeping guess I still needed some recovery time from the weekend

November 9 Fail- woke up to a bad pain day and just couldn't face it. I will do it tomorrow!

November 10 100 jumps including 50 which were running in place steps only equal a minute twenty-two so 5 min on the rebounder is probably not possible for me right now but hey 1:22 to 2:44 to 3:66 etc. eventually by the end of the winter or March 30 which ever comes first I may be able to do 10 min or even more. I just gotta keep at it and with the arrival of two darling pink sports bras I don't have the complaint of bouncing tits any more.

November 11 Fail: Got up late and just didn't have the energy to get dressed.

November 12 Fail: Damn it looks like I need two days rest between each session at least for now. I gotta change that.

November 13 Fail: Had a visit from the grandkids that wiped me out for most of the day

All in all not a good record but that I was able to do it twice this week is a good thing it means that there is a possibility that by the end of the winter I will be able to do it 5 days out of seven.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

7 Day Photo E-Swap

November 12

I picked this up at Talize. Other than the gel pens very little has been used in this kit.
I think I got a great deal.

November 13

GS#1 with his mom at my place. She is helping him make snowflakes
for their window at home.

November 14
The tree in the background still has all of it foliage and its green
The others around it have turned and some are even bare

November 15 
All you mothers and grandmothers will recognize this. Our own personal art gallery
though mine is a bit skimpy.
November 16 
My first fairy garden. My fairies are waiting for their wings, I haven't found
anything appropriate yet. No plants yet either, debating what to use
November 17 
The view from my sitting area window. The frames hold school pictures
November 18

GS#2 I was babysitting him & his brother today and forgot to take a photo
this one was taken on the 13th

Clean Your House #2 Part 2 During

This is a bit unusual but I have decided to spit this one into three posts since it has at least 3 different chores to be done to accomplish it.

November 11: I began with laundry and while I waited for it I took out the recycling then promptly filled it up again with that pile of boxes. I returned the table and ottoman to their actual place. I finished the laundry today but am only partially through the next chore, the cleaning of the area in front of the bookshelf.

Nov 13: this is still a work in progress but here are the first pictures
The Laundry room for my wing, 10 units share one washer and one dryer

 First load in the washer

 The boxes I need to collapse

 Recycle bins are full need to take them out first

 This is our garbage room. Cute eh?

 Boxes gone! That blue bin holds all my fabric. Not sure what I'm going to do with it

 The table and stool moved back in front of my big chair. See that bag beside the table that is full of the collapsed boxes. I'll need to take them out to the garbage room.

 The black box is gone I sent it home with my daughter to sort and sell. Oh yeah I still have to fold and put away the laundry.

ESG: Shuffle your music #11

Put your music device (ipod, mp3player, playlist, music on your phone...whatever) on shuffle and send the first 10 songs to your partners! Easy peasy.

  1. Close Every Door  from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  2. Over the rainbow Celtic Woman from A New Journey
  3. Cinema Paradiso (Se) Josh Groban from Josh Groban
  4. Jellyhead  CRUSH from Jock Jams 3
  5. Canto alla vita (Featuring The Corrs) Josh Groban from Josh Groban
  6. Rebel Yell  Billy Idol
  7. Never Be the Sun (Dolores Keane) A Woman's Heart 2
  8. So She Dances Josh Groban  Awake Live {Exclusive Limited Edition}
  9. Carol of the Bells Celtic Woman A Christmas Celebration
  10. Dirty Looks Juice Newton Juice Newton's Greatest Hits (And More)

As you can see a shuffle on my itunes show just how much variety there is in my music. I've linked all 10 to youtube  so you can hear them the way I did. Hope you enjoy  this playlist.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Clean Your House #2 Part 1: The challenge

Hi again!

Time for another installment of Clean Your House! I have a lot of housework that needs doing but I am really bad at it. Thankfully I am the only one who has to live here and I don't mind a little bit of mess but even I have my limits.

  • Clean means I can walk from my front door to my bed without bumping into anything.
  • Clean means there is a clear path from the bathroom to my desk and back again.
  • I don't care if the floor is clean I just want to be able to see it, 
  • I don't care if my dishes are clean as long as I can rinse the ones I want to use. 
  • I don't care if my bed is made it just needs to have a sheet, a blanket and four pillows on it.
  • As long as the toilet and sink don't look too groddy they are fine.
Still for the purpose of this swap I had to have something I wanted to clean so I chose this:

This is the corner in front of my living room area where I store my paper and stuff. While it looks like it will be a lot of work it won't actually. Below is the list of what I need to do:

  • Wash and put away the laundry
  • Breakdown and discard the Amazon boxes on the chair
  • Remove the white shelf frame
  • Rearrange the pop cases so that they look neat

The laundry will take an hour and a half to 2 hours, the clearing of the chair will not take more than 15 minutes and removing the shelf shouldn't take more than 15 minutes either, a quick 10 minute tidy-up and it is done in 2 hours. The laundry room is just down the hall so I don't have to go far to get it done which is what makes this so easy. While the laundry is being done I can do the other things. At least thats the plan. Lets see what happened.

November 11 -Remembrance Day

For the Uncle I lost and the Uncles who served, I remember you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

GROUP: ESG: Let me recommend a book #16

I read on average one book a day, that being said I read very few non-fiction books. Books have always been a way for me to escape from life and find fun new places and meet interesting people.

I have read my share of Fantasy and Paranormal books, the one I want to share is part of a series. I'll be frank when I chose this book to read I was intrigued but not sure it would be interesting. From the beginning it caught my curiosity and made me wonder what would I do in her shoes. I read it in about 8 hrs only taking bathroom and meal breaks it was so compelling!

Synopsis: Girl has a talent and a boy as a best friend. Her relationship and her gift are both changing

I found it through my libraries e-book service: Download Centre or it is at Goodreads

The Body Finder

The Body Finder Series, Book 1
Series: The Body Finder
by Kimberly Derting
  • Melissa Marr, author of WICKED LOVELY
    "The romance and the mystery in THE BODY FINDER were so intense that I didn't know whether to hold my breath or scream. I did know I wouldn't be getting anything done until I read the whole book."
  • Claudia Gray, New York Times bestselling author of Stargazer
    "You'll be drawn in by the love story--and kept up all night by the suspense."
  • Publishers Weekly
    "Derting's first novel demonstrates unusual skill in weaving together contemporary teenage preoccupations with its paranormal plot twist. ... A strong debut from a promising author."
  • Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)
    "...several twists and turns keep the pages flipping."

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Imaginary World of .... Cherylann Marois Part 4

For the FOURTH TASK collect images of things that fill you with excitement and wonder.
Nature fills me with wonder! Colour fills me with excitement!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Would You Rather Round 2

  1. Would you rather go to a movie or to dinner alone?
    If I had to make a choice I would prefer to go out to dinner alone. Sitting in a movie by yourself is just no fun
  2. Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?
    Oh Ow Hmmm If I spoke everything on my mind I suspect I would get into a lot of trouble but to never speak again scares me more.
  3. Would you rather make a phone call or send a text?
    I actually prefer to speak on a phone than text, texting is just not nuanced enough
  4. Would you rather read an awesome book or watch a good movie?
    I am and always have been a reader and I find I can get lost in a good book far easier than I can in a movie no matter how good it is
  5. Would you rather be the most popular person at work or school or the smartest.
    The smartest, being popular is all well and good but having a mind and knowing how to use it to your advantage is much better.
  6. Would you rather put a stop to war or end world hunger?
    If we stopped the wars we would stop the hunger because we would have the resources to teach people what they need to know to grow and raise their own food. Stop the wars to feed the hungry!
  7. Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery?
    In my younger years I would have said camping surrounded by beautiful scenery but my ole bones can't handle sleeping in the cool and damp any more so I would choose a  luxury hotel
  8. Would you rather explore space or the ocean?
    If I could qualify I would love to explore outer space, I am a sci-fi reader and would love to see what is actually out there.
  9. Would you rather go deep sea diving or bungee jumping?
    I have always wanted to try bungee jumping it seems like it would be just like flying and I want to be able to fly
  10. Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life?
    I am sure a lot of people would rather remain a child their whole lives me I would rather be an adult there is a form of freedom in adulthood that children don't have, the ability to make your own decisions without having to answer to anyone but yourself (and the law of course)
  11. Would you rather go on a cruise with friends or with your spouse?
    With my spouse mainly cause if I went with my friends it would probably mean I was looking for romance with my spouse I already have it
  12. Would you rather lose your keys or your cell phone?
    My cell phone, I depend too heavily on my keys to ever be comfortable without them, its why I wear them on a lanyard
  13. Would you rather eat a meal of cow tongue or octopus?
    I've had cows tongue so I would have to say octopus
  14. Would you rather have x-ray vision or magnified hearing?
    Magnified hearing just means hearing thing that could hurt easier so I would much rather have x-ray vision especially near a fire station :)
  15. Would you rather work in a group or work alone?
    I have never really been comfortable working in a group I much prefer working on my own.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

GROUP: ESG: My favourite picture of the month October

I have seen so many photos and images this month it is hard to pick just one so I didn't

A clean sink, something I don't see much

A happy, friendly looking Jack o lantern - mine